Mar 2 2018

The Car Warehouse – A different kind of company, a different kind of car, second hand cars middlesbrough.#Second #hand #cars #middlesbrough

second hand cars middlesbrough

For anyone reading this please let me share my experience.

I was very cautious about buying a car that’s been imported because nowadays every aspect of the automotive trade seems to be about ripping people off.

However ,my generalisations were incorrect in this case.

I contacted Lee by email initially and his level of detail and commitment was second to none.

I was annoying myself at the constant questions yet I always had numerous replies to any query .

When I showed up on Saturday i had a quick look around the vast stock present (an hour and a half looking at cars ) .

Keith greeted me first and simply told me to nip in when I was ready if I needed any help .

The process was thoroughly explained including the papers of the cars prior to export.

After a very relaxed conversation with both Keith and lee it was clear that they were completely different in their approach to selling vehicles which was refreshing.

I have personally walked away from cars before just because I don’t like the salesman.

I purchased the car in a very different laid back ,no rush atmosphere and began the drive home .

The attention from other motorists was overwhelming on the trip back.

However ,with most things being too good to be true I had the vehicle inspected by an independent specialist with over 15 years experience just to make sure it was ok.

His exact words were “wow ” it looks like it’s 8 months old underneath.

(It won’t let me post pictures on this review unfortunately)

My only complaint is :-

I was looking forward to tinkering with it at weekends but as nothing needs doing it means I will have to spend more time with my wife which I’m not happy about.

On a serious note though ,this place is everything that’s missing from the motor trade .

Pleasant ,not pushy ,helpful throughout and offered an exceptional car that is by far the best in the uk for the same price as one needing a restoration .

I’m a very hard man to please but it was done with ease ,thanks again to all the team for their hard work.’

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