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Feb 11 2018

The Best Free Online Storage Sites on the Web

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The Best Free Online Storage Sites on the Web

Updated October 17, 2016

First, why would you need to find somewhere on the Web that offers a bit of free space? Here are a few situations you might need free online storage for:

  • You want to send large files to more than one person
  • Your blog or Web site hosting provider only allows a certain amount of upload room for images, etc.
  • You want to share a very big file and your email keeps timing out or doesn t allow large file uploads

All of the above situations (and more) can be solved with the following free online storage sites. Unless otherwise noted, all of the sites noted below are absolutely free; be sure to double-check the storage time limits for your files, as many free online storage sites do have rules for file inactivity and will discontinue your account after a per-determined amount of days with no activity.

  • Dropbox. Dropbox is free, and couldn’t be easier to start up with; just sign up for a free account and you’ll instantly receive 2GB of free storage. Install the software and a folder will be created on your computer that will sync instantly with Dropbox’s servers, along with any Dropbox folders on any other systems that you intend on using the software to sync with. You can use it on the Web or download the desktop version to make everything run even more smoothly between machines.
  • Google Drive. If you have a Google account, then you already have access to Google Drive. a free storage source for files, photos, videos, and more. Google syncs your access to this information across machines, making it easy to log in to your Google account and get your files no matter what computer you might be on.
  • Mozy. Up to 2GB free storage. Requires a free download of the Mozy software; this helps you figure out which files to back up. Photos, music, emails, all can be backed up here. Best part? You don t have to give your credit card or other financial information in order to utilize Mozy s free home back up service.
  • Omemo. Omemo works as a peer to peer network to create an immense virtual hard drive. Download the software, store your files online, and take advantage of the space this service has to offer.
  • Box. Box s personal plan is free and allows for one user with up to five gigabytes worth of storage space. Streamlined sharing and collaboration with other users is also available here, as is mobile access to files stored at Box.
  • MediaFire. MediaFire puts very few limits on what you can do at their very popular service for absolutely no money. Unlimited uploads and downloads, up to 200MB file size for sharing, unlimited storage, direct linking to files (instead of jumping through hoops) and advanced sharing features are what make MediaFire an extremely attractive option for file storage.
  • DivShare. Upload all kinds of files here, including slideshows, Flash-based videos, audio playlists, Word documents, PDF files, etc. You can manage all your DivShare files easily from a centralized dashboard; from here you can also share your files with anyone you want via links and embed codes.
  • YouSendIt. YouSendIt offers a free account with up to 2GB of storage, a maximum file size of 50MB, mobile access, a desktop sync application (this comes in handy when you re trying to organize yourself), and up to one hundred maximum downloads per file.
  • Senduit. Need to share a large file with someone without setting anything up? Try Senduit – just upload your file, share a secure URL, and you re all set. While you re somewhat limited by the maximum file size of 100MB, the ease and simplicity of Senduit, not to mention how fast it is to get it going, more than makes up for it.
  • 4Shared. A quick registration (free) and you instantly have access to 10GB of storage space, instant ad-free downloads, and the ability to upload files directly from the Web.
  • Megashares. Megashares works similar to Senduit (see above); you select your file, upload it, then receive a URL that you can share with anyone you d like. Up to 10GB can be uploaded in a single session.

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  • PhotoBucket. Photobucket is a service aimed at photo and video storage only. A free account gives you the ability to upload literally thousands of images; you can also use Photobucket s internal artistic tools to edit, tag, and organize your photos.
  • ImageShack. Similar to Photobucket, ImageShack is only for images and videos. No sign-up is required, simply upload your image and you ll instantly get an embed code or URL for wherever or however you d like to share.

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