Jul 15 2017

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Thailand Tour Packages

Endowed with immaculate beaches, fascinating culture and salubrious climate, the Kingdom of Thailand is, undoubtedly, one of the most happening holiday destinations in the world. The country encloses five geographical regions, most of which are speckled with amazing wildlife sanctuaries, historical monuments, ancient temples, as well as sky-scrappers, bustling shopping malls, vibrant pubs, bars and more. Tourists can avail exciting Thailand tour packages to discover the splendours of this beautiful country, which never fails to enchant her visitors. Thailand offers plenty of exotic places and things to do, promising a memorable holiday experience for visitors. Bangkok, the capital city, is worth-visiting on a Thailand tour. In fact, the unique culture, remarkable cuisine, shopping and nightlife of Thailand can be experienced at its best in Bangkok. The city is dotted with hundreds of temples, each one of which is a perfect manifestation of Thai architecture. Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun are some of the worth-mentioning temples of Bangkok that are listed as the most beautiful and holiest sites of the country. Beside temples, Bangkok has many other prominent attractions that include Dusit Hall and Zoo, Temple Mount, Lumphini Park, The Queen’s Gallery and more. A guided holiday tour can be highly advantageous for those who want to explore Bangkok in a limited time frame. Located on the coasts of Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand, Phuket, Hua Hin and Koh Samui are some of the breathtaking tropical islands which make Thailand a dream beach destination as well. With a comprehensive choice of Thailand tour packages available, tourists can conveniently choose a suitable beach holiday package and get indulge in a range exciting activities. For adventure seekers and those who are young at heart, beaches of Thailand offer thrilling water sports like canoeing, sailing, para-sailing, scuba diving and more. These beaches also serve as ideal venues for parties and romantic moon-light dinners. If you have no idea where to start, then there are many tailor-made tour packages offered by that will make one’s task easier. As per their tastes, tourists can also customise these packages at the time of booking. By choosing an exciting Thailand tour package, this magnificent land can be travelled in an extremely delightful and hassle-free manner. Beyond shadow of a doubt, the heavenly ambience and a pool of amazing attractions of Thailand are sure to keep tourists engrossed through-out the tour, while providing them a bag-full of memories to be cherished forever.

Thailand Guide

Shopping in Thailand

Dedicated shoppers a veritable treasure trove of delights and powered by its reputation as one of the most inexpensive shopping hubs in Southeast Asia, awaits you. From local handicrafts to slick tailor-made suits and dresses— and lovely cottons, branded clothes, pearls, jewellery, watches, electronic gadgets— all available in the stores across the country. There’s a thriving spurious market too. The night markets, the shopping malls and old markets, the street vendors— all offer riveting experiences. Bargaining hard at the local bazaars and tourist hot spots such as Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market, the world’s largest market. Top buys are Thai silk, clothing, costume jewellery, handicrafts, gemstones and computers and peripherals.

Food Cuisines in Thailand

Thai cuisine is driven by balance, flavor, and variety and offers a wonderful array of traditional choices for both non-vegetarian and vegetarian palates. Fresh, aromatic and richly accompanied or infused with herbs and spices it has been an excellent export tradition to world markets. Rice. noodles, soups, traditional pastes and sauces, plenty of fresh vegetable and seafood— and the mélange of sweet, sour, hot and salty flavours add that exotic touch to the Thai spread. But it’s also has a slew of restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world, making it very convenient for the many nationalities which arrive here to vacation.

Must do & Must Experience in Thailand

There’s more to see in Thailand than the old time world of the ’ Pretty Dancing Girls of Siam’, made legend in the yesteryears Ricky Nelson hit ‘A Wonder like You’. Blessed with stunning natural beauty, backed by a splendiferous cultural heritage, Thailand is a glorious mélange of awesome temples, beaches, spa islands, shopping delights and a ritzy nightlife— Reasons aplenty to make it one of the world’s most-sought after vacation hotspots. Bangkok beckons with its cruises along the gilded temple-lined Chao Pra Phraya River, Grand Palace, it’s Amazing Thailand Grand Sales, then there are the ruins of the World Heritage Site of Ayutthaya (three palace and 400 temples), the UNESCO-acclaimed Sukhothai Historical Park, cultural Chiang Mai, the tribal and wilderness hot spots of Chiang Rai, honeymooners Krabi, family hub Pattaya, Koh Samet’s 14 pristine white beaches, Koh Chang and its scuba adventures and Ko Pha Ngan Island with its fabled Full Moon Party, Khao Lak’s access to the coral reefs of Similian and Surin islands, Trang’s underwater weddings in the Andaman Sea— and its friendly people—all are a magnet for repeat visits for all age groups. And don’t forget—Thai sea food, Thai boxing and shopping sprees!

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