Sep 25 2017

Textbook Rental Agreement Terms #properties #for #rent

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Textbook Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

I. Last name. First Name :

(Print Name) (Print Name)

Agree to the following terms and conditions. I certify that I have read and understand the terms of the Agreement.

Signature: Date:

Cardholder’s Name:

(as it appears on your credit card)

Credit Card Billing Address.

City: State: Zip Code:

Phone Number: ( )

Email Address:

1. I am at least 18 years of age

2. I am entering this Textbook Rental Agreement with MORAINE VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE BOOKSTORE I will return the rented materials last day of finals to the bookstore.

3. Failure to Return: If I fail to return the Rented textbook by the last day of finals, or return them in an unsalable condition, I authorize the Bookstore to charge the following “a replacement price of the textbook less any rental fee charge to my student account or to my credit card or debit card listed above. New book price is based on the new book price at time of rental. Bookstore is not responsible to reminding me of the due date.


· A deposit of $10 is required at the time of rental, with the return of the textbook the $10 deposit will be refunded.

· 6 business days or more after the due date- a replacement value equal to the new retail price of the textbook less any rental fee paid

4. Condition upon Return . Highlighting and writing in rented textbooks is permitted and acceptable. However, Rental materials must be returned in complete and salable condition. This means the spine of the book is intact, there is no damage to the book, and all of the component parts of the book must be present (such as DVD’s or CD’s that came with the book). I am responsible for any loss or theft of the Rented materials.

5. Card as Security: I will not cancel the transaction of this textbook rental on my credit card. I will promptly notify the Bookstore of any changes to my personal information or my credit or debit card information.

6. Refund: The Bookstore’s refund policies will be applied which is printed on the back of the receipt. PLEASE REVIEW CAREFULLY.

7. Option to purchase . At the end of the term the book maybe purchased at 50% of the selling price.

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