Sep 25 2017

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It is estimated that students save $1000 a year using the textbook rental services.

Textbook rental services are located in the Bookstore. Lake Land College is among the few colleges and universities across the United States that have a textbook rental system.

All students are required to pay the service fee (see Financial Information chapter of this catalog) which includes the purchase and management of textbooks for the textbook rental system.

Textbooks are issued by the bookstore, subject to the following:

    Programs with special academic or student needs may require that textbooks be purchased by the student. Consumable books will be purchased by the student. Students who choose to keep their rental textbooks past the semester s published textbook return deadline, will be subject to the following penalties:

      All rented textbooks must be returned to the College by the close of business hours on the first business day after the last day of finals. Students returning textbooks no more than five business days after the last day of finals will be charged a late fee of $20.00 per book.
      After the period mentioned above, any textbooks that have not been returned to the Bookstore will become the property of the student and the total cost for those books will be added to their bill.

At that time books can no longer be returned to the Bookstore and any future financial aid, scholarships, or student loans may be held or applied against these charges.

Students will be charged for defaced or damaged books. Students with late textbooks will be blocked from receiving transcripts and will not be able to register for any classes until the books are returned and all fines are paid. Students who register for off campus classes by their extension center s regular registration dates will receive textbooks the first class session. Students registering after the specified date will receive their textbooks the second week of class. Students who register after the second book delivery, must come to the Bookstore to get their books. Students who wish to purchase their textbooks may do so from the third through the eleventh week of each academic term and the third through the fifth week of each module and summer term.


The bookstore is located on the west side of the main campus between the maintenance and cosmetology buildings. The bookstore, textbook library, central office supplies and the campus mailroom are all housed in the bookstore building. The store provides all required and recommended textbooks, workbooks and supplies. We have a full selection of Lake Land College clothing, snacks, glassware, computer software and backpacks. Students can buy a stamp, mail a letter, pick up their cap & gown, get a bag of peanuts, buy a T-shirt or get a battery for their calculator.

The bookstore is open Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. with extended hours during book pickup and return. (Closed Friday during Summer Term.). For more information on services, call (217) 234-5275.Visit the Bookstore Online.

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