Sep 25 2017

Test your Basic HR Knowledge #hr #knowledge #base


Question 1 Explanation:

A seamless organization maximizes the speed and flexibility of its operations by removing barriers found in traditional structures. The cross-functional work teams that are part of a seamless organization are able to solve problems more rapidly because information is shared readily and decision-making authority is distributed to different levels in the organization

Which of the following is an appropriate use for an HR audit?

To determine which employees no longer have the skills needed by the organization.

To determine the employee productivity and turnover rates

To determine whether the employee handbook is in compliance with current government regulations

To determine the timeline for changes that are necessary in the HR department

Question 2 Explanation:

An HR audit examines HR policies and procedures for compliance and to determine whether or not the department is successfully meeting the organization needs

Question 10 Explanation:

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory developed to explain what motivates workers. The levels are physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization. Growth is a need level identified by Alderfer in the ERG theory, which is based on Maslow’s work

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It was my first time quiz take on HR.But no excuses for not getting the marks upto my satisfaction level.

Sanjeev thanks for visiting the site and taking up the quiz.

Good Quiz. Few answers seems to be subjective.

Good Quiz..big learning..think with clarity

nice one, took after a long while! thanks.

Loved the quiz. Well conceived. Maybe it could be a little more practical oriented.Thanks

Test your Basic HR Knowledge: Test your Basic HR Knowledge.


Great oportunity. thanks

Wow its too good.what i am serching for it is tha .thank you so much vinay sir you gives HR students some kind of energy through it..I am really very gratfull to u.

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