Feb 13 2017

Tesco car insurance less than comprehensive #cheap #motor #insurance

#tesco car insurance

Tesco car insurance less than comprehensive

My wife purchased a second-hand Ford Ka worth 1,300. She was already insured on her other car but we took out fully comprehensive insurance online with Tesco for herself and our daughter as a named driver on the new Ka. We agreed to a 350 excess and also applied for a no-claims discount of five years. The policy cost around 650 with legal protection and we also paid 70 for no-claims discount protection and legal expenses.

Unfortunately my daughter had a collision as there was some diesel on a bend in the road – we never found out who was responsible – and was bedridden for six weeks. The police said my daughter was not at fault, but the other party suffered some lesser injuries and claimed against my daughter.

A claims engineer from Tesco valued the car at 1,275 and said he would get a cheque in the post to us. This would be for 1,275 minus the voluntary excess of 350 as well as the involuntary excess of 400 (for anyone named on the policy between the age of 17 and 21), equalling a payment of around 525. A few weeks later we had a letter explaining that the no-claims discount could not be applied as my wife was using it on the insurance for her first car, so we owed another 500 as you cannot have no-claims discounts on two policies – they hadn’t told us this when we took out the Ka policy. It means we paid 1,100 with an excess of 750 for a car worth 1,275 and could not claim any compensation for my daughter’s injuries and are due just 24 from our fully comprehensive insurance. It seems that this comprehensive insurance did not cover the driver or the car. KB, Weston-super-Mare

A spokewoman said Tesco Car Insurance had paid out 4,097.50 to the third party involved in the accident who had made an injury claim against your daughter as well as 1,275 for the claim (before excess), so the policy did protect you. While we feel that the compulsory excess and no-claims discount was clear and transparent within our policy, we believe there is more we could have done to address Mr and Mrs B’s concerns and to inform them that they could use the Motor Legal Protection, which is part of their policy, to cover the costs of a solicitor to be appointed to assess whether there is a strong enough case for a claim to be made via the Motor Insurers Bureau. Tesco has now helped you with the latter point, and initially offered 124 – the 24 you are owed from the fully comprehensive reimbursement of your car, plus a 100 goodwill gesture as an apology for poor service. You declined this and asked for 500. Tesco compromised and offered 500 including the initial 124, making an overall goodwill gesture of 476, which you have accepted; though you remain disappointed at shelling out 1,100 for fully comprehensive insurance that, without complaining, would have seen you reimbursed a pittance for your 1,275 car.

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