Feb 20 2018

Tax Services Manhattan – Tax Preperation the Bronx NY

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Financial Services in Manhattan Bronx New York.

TaxMaster Financial Services is a professional income tax , accounting and consulting firm . We provide same-day service, free tax e-filing . and financial consultations in the off-season.

Please do not confuse us with another company Taxmasters (Texas) which has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We are doing fine and are here to serve you in the NY area..

How do I know I did it right? Did I leave anything out? Do I have all of my deductions?

Tax time can be a very challenging time of the year for you. This may be your first time filing your taxes, or, you may have little knowledge on how the process works. We offer the finest and most comprehensive assistance with tax services in the Manahattan New York area as well as tax preperation service in Bronx New York . Not being experienced in tax preperations could spell trouble for you and diminish the overall value of your return. If you do not have the proper knowledge how to file your taxes, you could end up owing the IRS when you don t have to. In worst case scenarios, you may need to represent yourself to the IRS in order to fix problems with your taxes. Working with the IRS can be a cumbersome task and put fear in the hearts of the even the strongest of us. Don t let the problem overwhelm you. We are here with expert knowledge so you can feel relief when you send your taxes to the IRS.

The Peace of Mind Solution

The 2016 tax season is looming just ahead. With it comes the new, additional, implimentation of the Affordable Care Act, along with other new laws that are passed, or will be passed. These changes may dramatically alter both how you file your taxes, and the value of your tax return preparation itself. We know that you may have questions or concerns about the changes that have been made on how to process your taxes. With the dozens of hours of Continuing Professional Education we take each year, we can give you guidance, and confidence, as we help you navigate the ever complex tax law landscape.

Our Goal Is to Save YOU Money!

We know that you have concerns about your financial future. As one of our clients, your financial future is just as immportant to us. Some example questions that you may have about your future are:

  • How will I ever afford my dream home?
  • Will I have to refinance my mortgage to make ends meet?
  • Should I pay points on a mortgage?
  • How much Social Security am I expected to collect after retirement?
  • Does it make sense to buy or lease my new car?

Instead of seeking out these answers on your own, Make the safe decision and call us today (212) 247-9090 to receive one-on-one personal service . We will help you answer all the questions you may have about your financial future.

We Help You all year long, not just during tax season

From the beginning of May until the end of December, we provide you with the most comprehensive financial information so that you can best plan your future with your money. We do this at no additional charge because your tax return is a reflection of 365 days. We are the TaxMasters you are looking for to help you file your income tax in either the Manhattan or Bronx areas.

If you re interested in having the peace of mind you deserve or the answers to your most vital questions, please call us at 212-247-9090 (TaxMaster Financial Services/INVEST) or 718-708-8400 (Bzura s Income Tax Service).

Arnold and David are registered representatives at INVEST Financial Corporation.

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