Jun 21 2018

Winnipeg Bankruptcy

#winnipeg #bankruptcy, #bankruptcy #winnipeg, #file #bankruptcy, #consumer #proposal, #bankruptcy #trustee, #debt #consolidation # Winnipeg Grant Thornton Debt SolutionsGet Financially Healthy. Start Fresh! We are a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (formerly called Bankruptcy Trustee) in Winnipeg, Manitoba for Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposals, and other debt solutions. Money problems can happen to anyone and we can help you resolve your financial problems through many options, not just bankruptcy. For individuals in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba, we can help you get out of debt with a consumer proposal to your creditors, file bankruptcy, or consider debt consolidation and other debt help options. For companies, we …

Sep 23 2017

Proposal Templates (10 x MS Word) #construction #proposal #template #word

# Proposal Templates (10 x MS Word) Our Proposal Templates (10 MS Word designs + 2 Excel files) can be used to create business proposals that will sell your products and services. You can use this template to show prospective clients that: You are a trustworthy professional organization You understand the client s needs and requirements Your products and/or services match their requirements You have a proven track record with solid references You can offer a compelling proposal that stands out Proposal Template: Purpose The purpose of a business proposal template is to help persuade your readers to take action, …

Oct 4 2016

Rental property owners contest Section 8 proposal #book #rentals

#rental flats # Rental property owners contest Section 8 proposal By Robert Zullo / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Groups representing rental property owners raised the possibility of a lawsuit over a Pittsburgh councilman s proposal that would effectively require them to participate in the federal housing voucher program, commonly called Section 8. The proposal by Councilman Ricky Burgess would bar landlords from discriminating against tenants by source of income. Mr. Burgess said the legislation, part of his city for all package, is intended to address a major shortfall in affordable housing as some of the city s neighborhoods experience a building boom …