Oct 13 2017

Call Center Archives – Funny – True Stories – Not Always Right Funny – True Stories – Not Always Right #funny #call #center #jokes

# (At the car insurer I work for, sometimes the rate that we offer for renewal will be higher than our own price on a price comparison website. However, as long as all the details are the same we will match our own prices. That last sentence is key.) Me: “Good Morning. Welcome to [Insurer], How can I help?” Customer: “Hi, yes, I’ve received my renewal and gone onto that Meerkat site and the price you’re offering me there is less than half the price as the one on my renewal.” Me: “I can certainly check that for you, and …

Sep 23 2017

Prostate Cancer Funnies – Living with Prostate Cancer #prostate #cancer #jokes

# Prostate Cancer Funnies When life gives you lemons, what should you do? Make lemonade, right? Wrong! If you have any brains, you ll ditch the lemons, maybe in your neighbor s backyard. But suppose you can t possibly do this? Then, and only then, should you make lemonade. The problem with cancer is that when life gives it to you, it s almost impossible to unload on somebody else. So the best you can do is make yourself a big jug of Cancerade. There are many fine recipes for the above, but the minutiae are not important: what matters …

Aug 2 2017

How to Get an Erection Fast #erection #jokes

# Inside Style Recent Articles Inside Food Drink Recent Articles Inside Entertainment Recent Articles Inside Tech Gear Recent Articles Inside Lifestyle Recent Articles Inside News Recent Articles More About Women Inside Video How to Get an Erection Fast Want to know how to get an erection fast? It happens to us all at one time or another. If you need to get ready for sex in just a few minutes, read on to find out how to get an erection fast. 1. Let it go. If you re having trouble getting an erection on occasion, it is likely due to …