Mar 24 2020

“Biggest Lockdown In World History” – India Paralyzed As COVID-19 Crisis Unfolds

Donate Originally appeared at ZeroHedge Indian stocks crashed on Monday, suffering their worst single-day loss on record, as domestic and foreign investors were absolutely terrified that a nationwide lockdown triggered by a COVID-19 outbreak could crash the economy. The NIFTY 50 is the flagship index on the National Stock Exchange of India, plummeted 12.98% to a near four-year low of 7,610.25 on Monday. The Indian rupee hit a record low of over 76 against the dollar and puts pressure on the Narendra Modi government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to ramp up emergency response efforts to protect a crashing currency …

Mar 12 2020

Roots of violence against Muslim Indians

One of weak and strong point of Islamic communities and countries is their diverse races and religions. In India in addition to different races, there are several believes and religions. Muslim Indians with population of 200 million constitute 15% of India’s population and have suffered from discrimination severely in recent years. After the new citizenship bill passed by reigning party “Bharatiya Janata Party”, receiving Indian citizenship became harder for Muslims and almost Muslims became second degree citizens in India. According to this law, that Hindus were pursuing for 60 years, followers of religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhs, etc. except …

Mar 9 2020

Indian government accuses the police force for violence against Muslims!

Indian state ministry, accuses the police of capital for its passiveness and lack of action in time and not controlling the situation and said that police failed to stop damages to Muslims assets. The ministry stated that lack of experience and competency of chief of New Delhi police department is the reason that things got out of control. Therefore, Hindus’ bigot violence and their attack to Muslims resulted in damages and death and injury of many. Protests in India after the religious discrimination law passed in India’s parliament and Trump’s trip to India were intensified and thousands of Muslims were …

Mar 6 2020

India And Pakistan Nuclear Conflict Could Lead To Near-Cataclysmic Global Consequences

Donate Click to see full-size image The Munich Security Conference, citing numerous reports and surveys, also looked into the potential of a regional nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan. There is no concrete evidence that such a conflict is nearing, however, tensions have been soaring between New Delhi and Islamabad, after India’s removal of Kashmir and Jammu’s special status, as well as the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act, which are argued to step all over the human rights of Muslims. A regional conflict, based on based on an estimate of nuclear arsenals in 2025, this scenario assumes that India uses 100 …

Mar 5 2020

Leader of Iran’s Islamic revolution decried Muslim Indian genocide

It reads in his tweet:“The hearts of Muslims all over the world are grieving over the massacre of Muslims in India. The govt of India should confront extremist Hindus & their parties & stop the massacre of Muslims in order to prevent India’s isolation from the world of Islam.” Due to extreme Hindus and government forces of India attacking to Muslims protesting discrimination so far more than 40 Muslims martyred and hundreds injured. © 2007-2020, All Rights Reserved Syria|Turkey|Yemen|Qatar|Afghanistan|Azerbaijan|News|War

Mar 4 2020

Turkey Requests NATO Air Support And Air Defenses For Idlib Operation

Donate Click to see full-size image On March 3rd, the Turkish Ambassador to the UK, Ümit Yalçın said that Turkey had request military support for its Idlib operation from its NATO allies. Yalcin said Turkey was calling on its NATO allies – the majority of them also members of the EU – to provide diplomatic, political, military and humanitarian support to Turkey in its fight to push back a regime advance from capturing Idlib province on its border. The alliance’s 29 ambassadors held a North Atlantic Council session on February 28th, called by Turkey under Article 4 of NATO’s founding …

Mar 4 2020

Kiev intends to “bury” the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”

Ukraine intends to completely disrupt the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”, to do this she needs the help of the United States. Plans to disrupt the completion of the pipeline currently under discussion in Washington, where he arrived the head of the Ukrainian company “Naftogaz” Andrew KOBOLEV. As stated by the head of “Naftogaz” Ukraine intends to take all measures to permanently “bury” the project of Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”. According to him, now the United States and Ukraine are discussing various measures to be taken for the freezing of construction “SP-2”. The game is not yet finished. …

Mar 4 2020

Tatiana Montyan: About the land, swearing and Losaria | Movny bullying in full growth | the Syrian-Turkish grater

About the land, swearing and Losaria (“Echoes of Kyiv”)[embedded content] Movny bullying in full growth [embedded content] The Syrian-Turkish grater [embedded content] News site E-News.su | E-News.pro. Using the materials, put the link back. If you notice a mistake, highlight the text and press Ctrl+Enter (allocate 1 mark) © 2007-2020, All Rights Reserved Bahrain|Iran|Iraq|Lebanon|Palestine|Saudi Arabia|News|War

Mar 4 2020

Temperatures above average, skies clear in general

Related Articles Damascus, SANA- Temperatures will continue to rise to become from 3 to 5 degrees above average as the country is effected by a high air pressure in all layers of the atmosphere. Meteorology Department expected in its Wednesday bulletin that the skies will be clear in general with some scattered clouds. The wind will be of changeable direction with a low to moderate speed with active gusts over western mountains sometimes, while the sea waves will be low in height. The expected temperatures in some major Syrian cities will be as follows: Damascus 11/21, Daraa 11/21, Homs 8/22, …

Mar 4 2020

Putin spoke about the civil society and registered as a foreign agent

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin considers that the active part of society is not only non-systemic opposition. This, for example, and volunteers, free of charge to help people in education, health, and ecology.The answer Putin gave during an interview to the journalist of the news Agency TASS Andrei Vandenko to the question about why the active part of the society the authorities prefer to talk with batons. This interview is the seventh part of a larger conversation “20 questions to Vladimir Putin”, organized by the Agency. Suddenly, the President commended the work of the non-system opposition, said …

Mar 4 2020

Dzhangirov: Russia has no “plan A” in respect of Ukraine, but there is a clear “plan B” | the Heavy tread of confidence – 2 | Where did the libertarians?

[embedded content]The heavy tread of confidence – 2 [embedded content] Where did the libertarians? D. Dzhangirov I. Yushko [embedded content] News site E-News.su | E-News.pro. Using the materials, put the link back. If you notice a mistake, highlight the text and press Ctrl+Enter (allocate 1 mark) © 2007-2020, All Rights Reserved Bahrain|Iran|Iraq|Lebanon|Palestine|Saudi Arabia|News|War

Mar 4 2020

What amendment to the Constitution, Putin suggested

President Vladimir Putin submitted to the state Duma new amendments to the bill on changing the Constitution for the second reading. They haven’t been published, but some of them said the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy. “Sheets” managed to read the full text of the presidential amendments. Three of the interlocutor in the state Duma confirmed the authenticity of the document. Below the main theses of Putin’s proposal of the amendments:Marriage described as the Union of a man and a woman. The protection of marriage, and institutions “of family, motherhood, fatherhood …

Mar 4 2020

Boeing FARA: draft reconnaissance helicopter for the US army aviation

The Boeing company presented a concept of the new reconnaissance helicopter for the us armed forces. The new machine has several advantages and will allow to fill the existing shortage of such equipment. Represented Boeing helicopter specifically designed to meet the needs of the army aviation of the US army in the reconnaissance air vehicles. Traction compound helicopter has one motor, the modular cabin with modern reconfigurable display of the large square and offline opportunities. According to Mark cherry, Vice-President of Phantom Works, Boeing proposed the concept of a helicopter represents an affordable and fully integrated system for upcoming missions …

Mar 4 2020

Victims of tornadoes in the United States were 25 people In Brazil due to heavy rains killed 17 people

The result is a powerful tornado in the U.S. state of Tennessee, killed at least 25 people. The search for the missing continues, said Tuesday, March 3, the Department of state for emergency situations.Destructive tornadoes swept over the state in the South-Eastern United States at night on 3 March. According to the authorities of the state capital of Nashville, the city fell 48 buildings, 150 people taken to hospital. The videos aired on TV, were seen damaged bridges and streets. Published a video with dozens of planes collided on the ground at the airport in Nashville and numerous damaged cars. …

Mar 4 2020

In Western Ukraine at home sick with coronavirus, a crowd gathered

In the city of Chernivtsi in Western Ukraine, where today confirmed its first case of coronavirus at the entrance, where lived were hospitalized, the gathered neighbors – they demanded from the authorities of insulation and a sick wife.[embedded content] The place had to arrive officials and to convince them that the woman has symptoms of the disease there. However, this did not calm the protesters, who had threatened to block the road. In the end, the doctors had to take her to quarantine. The stairwell of flats promise to disinfect throughout the month.The couple returned to Chernivtsi from Italy at …

Mar 4 2020

The unique tactics of the Russian special forces in Syria struck the world community

In the armed conflict in Syria take part in the military from different parts of the world. But only Russian military personnel showed is so unique tactics of warfare that struck the whole world community.About typical of other behavior fighters of the Russian special forces in Syria during clashes, journalists were told by a famous Russian orientalist Yevgeny Satanovsky. One of the most striking examples of the aforementioned tactics can be called techniques of fighting so-called Jihad-mobiles. All military involved in the fighting, I prefer not to touch the cars filled with explosives with suicide bombers driving. The Americans, the …

Mar 4 2020

The Pentagon estimated the probability of a military confrontation with Russia in the Arctic

The United States and Russia compete in the Arctic, however, the probability of conflict escalation in the fighting is extremely small. This was stated by acting Deputy Minister of defense for political Affairs James Anderson. Speaking on Tuesday at a hearing of a Subcommittee of the Senate Committee of Congress on the armed forces, Anderson said that although Russia and the United States are candidates for the leading positions in the Arctic region in the near term, the probability of collision between the two countries is very small. Currently, according to our estimation, the potential for conflict (in the Arctic) …

Mar 4 2020

The media reported that initial plans to arm the su-34M missiles “Zircon”

In the publication “Military-industrial courier” published an article, which is dedicated to including the programme of establishment of marine fighter-bomber su-34M. In the original plans anticipated the creation of such multi-purpose planes for the Russian Navy with a large radius of combat use. The importance of the programme was that the new plane could use a increased by the mass missile and bomb load without reducing the aforementioned combat radius.However, the work to create a marine version of the fighter-bomber has been postponed. And the reason in this case, as reported, are not of a technical nature. The main reason, …

Mar 4 2020

USA believe in fate of the Baltic States to the Crimea — and in the end of the story. Irina Alksnis

The U.S. permanent representative to the OSCE, James Gilmore, commenting on the question of supplies of Crimea, said the United States never recognized the Baltic republics of the USSR. “They were conquered by force,” the official said.Here, of course, there is a convenient excuse to denounce the hypocrisy, Recalling, for example, the history of entry into the U.S. Texas annexed from Mexico as a result of the war, that is “conquered by force”. However, more interesting another aspect of the position of the Americans. After all, the implication of his words is obvious Gilmore: history will put everything in its …

Mar 4 2020

Discount for “bratushek”: “Gazprom” has reduced the gas price for Bulgaria by 40 percent

It seems that “Gazprom” has suffered another defeat in the European “gas front” – not that too ambitious, but they are not less hurtful. Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov on the day with great pride announced that Sophia managed to achieve from the Russian gas giant discounts to more than 40% of “blue fuel” that will come into the country by pipeline “Turkish stream”. And this impressive success of the Bulgarian side have achieved through banal blackmail.It all started with the fact that Sofia apologized to Moscow for their own, to put it mildly, not very honest behaviour, 5 …

Mar 4 2020

Who strangle “oil the miracle of America”: there is a much more powerful force

The situation with coronavirus expected impact on commodities, in particular oil prices. Prices are falling, the price of Brent crude already briefly fell below $ 50 per barrel. OPEC+ (meeting scheduled for March 5-6) will discuss the new production cuts.In these circumstances, re-actualized the discussion: whether it is necessary to limit the catch? Maybe low oil prices will destroy the oil shale sector in the US now, when many companies refinance looming debt. In other words, you will be able to do something that failed to make the OPEC countries immediately after the crisis in 2014, when Saudi Arabia and …

Mar 4 2020

Estonia has opened the airspace for training exercises, the U.S. air force

Estonia opened for the us military air space in the country, giving the US the right to asiaoceania over the territory of the Republic. This reports the press service of the defense Ministry of Estonia. During his working visit in Washington, the defense Minister of Estonia jüri Luik at the meeting with the Minister of the U.S. air force Barbara Barrett said that American aircraft can use the airspace of the Republic to carry out various exercises. We are working closely with their Baltic and Polish colleagues to achieve the best awareness and advance warning in the air space of …

Mar 4 2020

Ukrainian “House”: in Donbass and Lugansk began broadcasting a new channel

The information war, which Kiev is in the Donbass, has moved into a new phase. So in the people’s Republic commented on the creation of the channel “House” which should be broadcast for residents DND and LNR. To agitate them to return to the Ukraine now will not only with attacks, but also entertainment.The launch of the channel for the residents of Donbas is one of the campaign promises of Vladimir Zelensky. Rumor has it that even the name “House” was personally chosen by the President. “The main goal: to convey the main message is that Ukraine is our common …

Mar 4 2020

Russian defense Ministry: Turkish posts in Idlib has grown together with the fortified area of militants

Turkish observation posts in the Syrian Idlib was located in the fortified radical groups and actually become part of them. This is contrary to the Sochi agreements, as posts should be on the border of the zone of de-escalation.This statement was made today by the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov. Because of the failure by Ankara of its obligations to Syrian towns and the Russian base Hamim every day shelled by the militants. Contrary to arrangements, the Turkish side have not only created a demilitarized zone in Idlib, but also contributed to progress in …

Mar 4 2020

Was there a “Buk”? Exclusive version of the causes of the crash of MH17 | the Australian lawyer said that MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter

Platform independent journalists Bonanza Media published documents of military intelligence and security of the Netherlands, one of which is in the area where crashed Malaysian Boeing in July 2014, there was no anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”. The letter was addressed to the public Prosecutor of the National Prosecutor for the fight against terrorism.[embedded content] Malaysian Boeing 777 flying flight MH17, was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter. About this in his article for New Eastern Outlook portal told the Australian attorney James O’neill.According to him, when in 2014 it became known that a key role in the investigation of causes …

Mar 4 2020

The US sixth fleet rises to two-week quarantine

Command of naval forces of USA took the decision to place American military ships with crews on a two-week quarantine on the background distribution coronavirus. Basically, the quarantine will apply to ships of the sixth fleet of the U.S. Navy, who visited any European port. According to the Navy, any ship of the US sixth fleet, who came out in any European port, must undergo a two week quarantine before entering the next port. This time period is introduced in connection with coronaviruses, the first symptoms appear within 14 days. Together with other fleets, we have established a 14-day period …

Mar 4 2020

The head of mongorama Communist Rashkin. Lies…who?

The annotation will be unhappy. A specific example showing that dry really has a narrow frame, but the scoundrels, for the sake of political expediency decided to try very hard in lies, is limited unless the imagination. In early February, the article “Civilization bandwagon of hype.” we discussed informano, rising around giggly announcer GTRK Kamchatka. And found out that this person perverted and distorted beyond recognition, official data on monetary compensation of preferential categories of citizens. And then ridiculed the result of their own incompetence so it isn’t her stupidity and ignorance (or whoever wrote her lines), and the greedy …

Mar 4 2020

БесогонTV “to Glue, nail or hang?”

In the new edition of the author’s program “Besogon” Nikita Mikhalkov offers to talk about how education has an effect on absolutely all processes in the country. How did modern universities recruit “aliens”? As the gaps in school education can be related to problems in the implementation of national projects? And as immaturity and irresponsibility, combined with pseudo-scientific verbal patching voids lead to tragedies and crimes?[embedded content] News site E-News.su | E-News.pro. Using the materials, put the link back. If you notice a mistake, highlight the text and press Ctrl+Enter (allocate 1 mark) © 2007-2020, All Rights Reserved Bahrain|Iran|Iraq|Lebanon|Palestine|Saudi Arabia|News|War

Mar 4 2020

The network discussed the strange bonding video hit Turkish UAV for zrpk “Carapace” in Syria

After the publication of the Turkish Ministry of defense personnel with the destruction of zrpk “Carapace” of Syrian government troops had many questions. We are talking about a video of the strike with a drone for air defense missile-gun complex SAA in Idlib. Turkish footage shows that zrpk “Carapace” has progressed to a certain point of the area, leaving a wide arched track. The camera then shows a drone strike, after which the frames can not see what is left of zrpk. In addition, the track from the complex looks quite different, as demonstrated in the first frame. In other …

Mar 4 2020

People and destiny

Dies in prison in appalling conditions military officer, hero, 2 the order of courage. The captain of the hockey team night League. He is not an oppositionist, he putinets. The man to blame the crooks and bought off. And he sits in Syktyvkar, dare mock him young glamorous instalka – investigator, forced to take the blame. Here is the text: “This is the top photo taken today in Syktyvkar court…Garmash Andrey, a military officer, Afghan, participant of liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl accident , the veteran Moore, awarded order of the red Star and two orders of Courage for military …

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