Jul 28 2019

PharmaVOICE – READ, pharma guidelines.#Pharma #guidelines

Get your free subscription to PharmaVOICE Magazine Click one of the links below to pick what type of subscription you’d like. It’s completely free. Already subscribed? Click here to login Have a Question? Email Customer Service Remember your password? Click here to login. Have a Question? Contact Customer Service Read the Digital Edition FEATURED CONTRIBUTED CONTENT Evidera’s biannual publication addresses the scientific, strategic, and operational challenges of today’s healthcare environment, providing a forum for the exchange of thoughts and ideas focused on evidence and value. This issue is focused on Redefining Drug Development, highlighting the latest changes to regulations and …

Jul 24 2019

Pharma guidelines, pharma guidelines.#Pharma #guidelines

Ministry of Health Dubai UAE Who’s Online Latest News News Choices from NHS, UK Do you know that you have to monitor and record the temperature of the Pharmaceutical refrigerator(s) twice daily? Supported by A New Era in Pharmacy Education, Join Hands to Help the Community Welcome I am pleased to welcome all visitors to the pharmaceutical Continuous Professional Development project, targeted to pharmacists and pharmacy assistants in the State of United Arab Emirates. The Site provides information and news of scientific, medical and professional of relation, in addition to the announcements of the scientific activities and trainings. It is …

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