Sep 13 2017

What is Applied Behavior Analysis? #autism,autistic,pdd,pdd-nos,pddnos,hyperlexia,hyperlexic,asperger,asperger’s, #lovaas,discrete #trial,special #education,aba,applied #behavior #analysis,behavior #modification,applied #behaviour #analysis,behaviour #analysis,

# “Applied” means practice, rather than research or philosophy. “Behavior analysis” may be read as “learning theory,” that is, understanding what leads to (or doesn’t lead to) new skills. (This is a simplification: ABA is just as much about maintaining and using skills as about learning.) It may seem odd to use the word “behavior” when talking about learning to talk, play, and live as a complex social animal, but to a behaviorist all these can be taught, so long as there are intact brain functions to learn and practice the skills. That is the essence of the recovery hypothesis–for …