May 19 2017

Alliance Tour and Travel – Orlando Student Discount Travel, Florida Discount Travel, Marching Bands Discount Travel, Athletic Teams Discount Travel #hotels #cheap

#sports travel # Alliance Sports Travel is a group housing company that specializes in discounted hotel accommodations for sports related groups of ten rooms or more. Our staff is here to assist with the hotel needs of collegiate sporting events, youth tournaments, cheer dance competitions, alumni associations or clubs, fan family blocks and any sporting event from youth to collegiate. Our goal mission is to create a unique and memorable travel experience, while making the planning process effortless enjoyable for attendees. Our website allows online booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your event. This enables attendees …

Oct 5 2016

Car tax bands 2015 #car #rental #europe

#car tax # Car Tax Bands 2015/16 Car tax, also known as Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), is based on either CO2 emissions or on engine size. For cars registered since March 2001, car tax rates are based on thirteen car tax bands (A to M), each band being defined by a range of tailpipe CO2 emissions as measured on the official test. Car tax for vehicles registered before March 2001 is determined by engine capacity. For vans registered since March 2001, van tax is flat rated with the exception of vehicles considered to be low emission (having a high Euro …