Jul 7 2017

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Exciting New Technologies for Suzuki

Suzuki has consistently been among the top ten automakers in the industry, and a huge portion of its success lies in its investment in technology over the years. Whether it’s to improve engine performance or to make driving a more comfortable experience, Suzuki is not shy in seeking out and implementing innovations on its vehicles.

If you are planning on getting a new Suzuki car. whether it’s a chirpy Alto city cruiser or a sportier Vitara SUV. here are some new key technologies in your vehicle that should keep you excited:

The BoosterJet Turbo Engine

One of the newest technologies to come out of Suzuki is its BoosterJet direct injection turbocharged gasoline engine. Like other engines made by Suzuki, the four-cylinder, 16-valve DOHC BoosterJet engine is promised to deliver a maximum squeeze of power and mileage. However, unlike its counterparts, BoosterJet is optimized for lower weight and a smaller footprint. In fact, the mill is specifically engineered to be more compact than existing engines of a similar rating, allowing it to fit into a box sized 537 x 450 x 696 mm.

But the BoosterJet isn’t just about being light and small either as the added turbocharger also provided extra power and responsiveness. The 1.4 engine model, for instance, is capable of churning out 100 PS max power without a hitch and, given Suzuki’s reputation for tuning engines, linear in terms of power delivery.

DualJet System

Another innovation in engine-related Suzuki parts is the DualJet engine technology. Introduced in the Celerio and Swift hatchback, the DualJet twin fuel injector technology offers increased torque and less exhaust emissions without sacrificing performance. It does this by placing twin injectors near the combustion chamber, improving fuel atomization, faster vaporization, and a more efficient filling of the chamber. In addition, DualJet engines also feature a higher compression ratio that speeds up the flam that passes through the fuel, making the burn cleaner in the process.

The ALLGRIP system

Already a leader in the field of 4WD vehicles, Suzuki tries to up the ante by introducing the ALLGRIP system in its current 4WD models, the SX4 X-Cross and the Vitara. Supported by specially engineered Suzuki components, the ALLGRIP system enables drivers to customize their driving experience according to their preferred driving style or terrain. Through a dial located in the dashboard, the vehicle can switch to 4 modes: the Auto, Sport, Snow, and Lock mode. In Auto mode, the steering and suspension is electronically set to 2WD as default for fuel efficiency but will automatically switch to 4WD according to the demands on the road. Sport mode keeps the vehicle in 4WD at all times for optimum control and cornering and switches to a more aggressive throttle response, while Snow mode is designed to stabilize the vehicle by predicting and adapting to slippage caused by snow and mud-covered roads. And should the vehicle itself get stuck in slush or mud, the Lock mode enables the vehicle to generate maximum torque and extricate itself from a sticky situation.

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