Nov 27 2016

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SUV Rental

Characterized by luxury and power, SUVs have an irresistible, rugged-yet-refined appeal. Whether you’re traveling to New Jersey for business or for pleasure, Value Van and Car Rental offers a variety of sport utility vehicles that are just as comfortable racing up mountains as they are cruising the sleek streets of New York City. With locations in Union, NJ. and Newark. Value Van makes it easy and affordable to find a stylish SUV rental. Contact us today at (908) 851-9595 to learn more or make a reservation online .

The Appeal of SUV Rentals

Sacrificing neither fashion nor function, our affordable SUV rentals can handle whatever you need them to do: Tow a boat, power through snowstorms, and climb steep mountains without sacrificing style or sophistication. In fact, when you combine all the benefits, it’s tough for other vehicles to compete. Value Van offers two sizes of SUV rentals; check out the options below to see which one best fits your needs.

  • Full-Size SUVs — If you want the biggest, most powerful, and luxurious rental, choose a full-size SUV. Equipped with a mammoth engine, outstanding handling, and the newest technologies, these vehicles will get you where you’re going in luxury. Sacrifice nothing during your time in Newark. Jersey City, or the surrounding areas.
  • Mid-Size SUVs — For the same features in a slightly scaled-back form, select a mid-size SUV rental. You’ll get to take advantage of their phenomenal towing capacity, four-wheel drive, and luxurious interior — for a lower price. Consider giving your family a little extra space to enjoy on your next vacation.

Why Rent an SUV from Value Van?

No matter which type of SUV you choose, expect the best from Value Van. We’re constantly updating our fleet, so most of our rentals are less than two years old, and all of our vehicles are in incredible condition. Additionally, all of our SUV rentals come with unlimited mileage so that you can watch the scenery instead of the odometer.

Reserve a Stylish SUV Rental

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