Jul 25 2017

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Family insurance

Your family comes first: protect what matters most

Like most parents, you lead a busy life. Your family is your top priority and doing the right thing when it comes to your family’s future is important. That includes making sure they are financially prepared should something happen.

Ask yourself…

Protect your family and your finances with insurance solutions from Sun Life Financial

Consider how life insurance and critical illness insurance can help:

Life insurance

Life insurance helps provide for your family should you pass away unexpectedly. By insuring your children, you can protect their future insurability and provide a solid foundation for their financial future.

  • Term life insurance – can be an affordable way for you to protect yourself and is a simple step in your financial strategy. It provides temporary coverage that can be converted to permanent insurance later on.
  • Permanent life insurance – provides you with lifetime protection. It’s also a great solution for children because the younger they are when you purchase, the lower the cost will be.

Critical illness insurance

Critical illness insurance helps ease the financial impact if you or your children become seriously ill with a covered condition or illness. It can help you manage additional costs and everyday expenses such as:

  • additional medical expenses not covered by a medical plan,
  • mortgage payments,
  • child care and education savings, and
  • retirement savings.

Insuring your children means you can take time away from work to help care for them without having to worry about lost income.

It’s about helping your family focus on recovery, not finances.

An advisor can help you understand how life insurance and critical illness insurance work together to protect each member of your family. Talk to an advisor today, because your family comes first.

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