Jul 15 2017

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When teachers partner with EF, they give their students an immersive, educational experience at the guaranteed lowest price. And, with all-inclusive tours everything is covered, from 24/7 Tour Directors to culturally rich activities, allowing travelers to discover the world with confidence.

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With 50 years of experience, we have 500 offices and schools in more than 50 countries, so wherever you go, rest assured, we’re there too.

Online learning

weShare, our online learning platform, taps into each student’s strengths and passions, helping them put a more personal lens on their travel experience and even earn academic credit.

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Expertly guided tours

From the moment you clear customs your Tour Director is at your side. Together with local guides, they educate and offer insight on tour.

Immersive activities

Local dishes, live demonstrations, guided sightseeing and access to the world’s most coveted attractions make every experience a teachable moment.

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