Jun 11 2017

Student Loan Consolidation Calculator – College Loan Consultant #personal #loans #calculator

#student loan consolidation calculator

Student Loan Consolidation Calculator

Use the student loan consolidation calculator to see if consolidating your loans into one Direct federal student loan will benefit you.

It is possible to consolidate federal loans if your loan status is in its grace period, already in repayment (although you will lose any benefits from having already made some payments), in deferment, and even (with some conditions) in default.

You cannot consolidate any loans that are still in an in-school status.

The interest rate for this calculator (using a weighted formula) will only apply if it is less than 8.25%. because federal student loan consolidation is capped at that rate.

Enter the number of loans you wish to include for consolidation and click, Go . You will then need to supply the amounts and interest rates to get your new loan rate.

Number of Loans

Total loan amount

Direct loans consolidation rate

You may consolidate federal student loans as long as one of them is either a Direct federal student loan or an FFELP loan.

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