Sep 25 2017

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StatPac for Windows
Survey Software

There are many popular do-it-yourself survey software packages online. If you have only one simple survey to conduct, then StatPac is not the right survey software for you and we encourage you to use one of the free survey software solutions you’ll find on the Web.

Professional researchers need a better solution. They do a lot of surveys and need a package with the reliability and sophistication not found in the free programs. Their survey software has to be a notch above the currently popular programs.

If you’re a professional researcher then you’ve come to the right place. StatPac for Windows is one of the few survey software packages that was developed with you in mind. It was designed by people who actually do survey research for a living.

StatPac survey software handles online surveys. paper and pencil surveys. and face-to-face or telephone interviews. It’s used for customer satisfaction surveys and employee surveys, public opinion polling, human resources and program evaluation for healthcare and nonprofit agencies.

Our survey software has a full spectrum of capabilities. It covers everything from sample selection and questionnaire design to statistical reports. Try our survey software for free .

StatPac survey software handles everything from start to finish: 1) Survey Design, 2) Data Management, and 3) Analysis.

I. Survey Design

StatPac lets you design surveys with any kind of questions (alpha, numeric, ranked, Likert scale, multiple response, and open-ended). You can enter variable names, labels, value labels, valid codes, and skip patterns to control data entry. Special features (like being able to extract questions from MS Word documents and question libraries) speed up the design process. Once you’ve designed the codebook , you can automatically create data entry forms, telephone interviewing scripts, and Internet surveys. (Survey design sample screens)

II. Data Management

Entering and editing data in StatPac is fast and easy because it uses a data entry form. The form usually looks just like the questionnaire, but it can also include messages or special instructions for the data entry operator (such as a script for telephone interviewing). Data entry errors are minimized through validity and range checking, or the double entry method. Skip patterns (branching) are also supported. Data can also be collected using Internet and email surveys, or imported from a variety of database formats. The Data Manager is built into StatPac for Windows but you can also use it as a stand-alone data entry system. (Data manager sample screens)

III. Statistical Analysis

When it comes to creating reports, StatPac puts you in control. Choose the statistics and table layouts that communicate your message most effectively because StatPac offers multiple options for every analysis. Run a single analysis or hundreds of analyses at one time. Review and edit the results before printing them, or load them right into MS Word. You’ll have total control over the appearance of the report. (Statistical analysis sample screens)

StatPac is easy to learn and use. It comes with great tutorials to help you master the package in a few short hours.

StatPac is the professional’s choice for research. Choose StatPac Now!

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