Oct 6 2016

Starting a Video Game Online Rental Company #long #term #car #rental

#online game rental

Things You’ll Need

Computer with internet access

Room or unit large enough for game storage

Purchase video games. You need to have a selection that caters to every game player in order to be successful. From classic titles to brand new releases, you have to purchase many games. Buy them at the lowest prices possible in order to reduce your start-up cost. You also want to stock more than one copy of popular titles.

Create your policies and procedures. Outline your company’s beliefs and standards to your customers. Indicate what the penalties are for fraud or violation of your company’s policies. Be as precise as possible.

Invent a name for your business. You need to have a memorable name so that you can easily publish it to customers. Netflix and Blockbuster are popular in part because of their easily remembered names.

Design your website or hire a web page designer do it for you. You need to consider how to catalog your inventory and how every page of your site will look. Be careful to create a user-friendly page so it will not be too confusing to novice Internet users.

Decide on prices and delivery options. You have to ask yourself how you can charge customers, whether it is a flat fee per game per month or a monthly membership fee with unlimited game rental. The other consideration is how to send the orders to the customers, through first class or priority mail. You need to worry about inventory loss as well. Be sure to clearly outline procedures to your customers.

Publicize your company. Any successful name needs tremendous publicity. The important question is how to propel your company into a household name like Netflix. Offer free trial memberships, discounts or promotions in order to lure customers. Have your friends and family spread the company’s name by word of mouth.

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