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Aug 23 2019

St louis workers compensation attorney, st louis workers compensation attorney.

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St. Louis Workers Compensation and Car Accident Lawyer

If you are visiting this website, you probably have questions about:

  • Your Injuries
  • Your Medical Bills
  • Your Lost Wages

An experienced attorney will be able to answer these questions.

As a partner in a firm with over 100 years combined experience in handling personal injury litigation, workers compensation matters for victims of negligence and on the job injuries, Mike Sudekum understands that you have questions and looking to protect your interests.

Potential clients wonder if they should hire a lawyer at the beginning of the case. Most should hire a Lawyer as soon as possible. The next step is finding the right lawyer to help you navigate a complex system that will be unfamiliar to you and your family.

The reluctance to contact a lawyer is shared by many individuals. Many people don t want to be the lawsuit type. In our experience, no one wants to be in the position to have to file a claim for their medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. However, by delaying your decision, you may hurt your ability to receive full compensation. There are three general reasons to hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

Responsibility: When you broke the neighbor s window playing in the yard, your parents made you take responsibility for your actions by paying for it, helping the neighbors with chores or doing more chores at home. This simple act by your parents made you more responsible and probably taught you a valuable lesson.

Similarly, some injuries in real life are more than accidents. In some instances, you may not even know the cause. Would you be aware of a recalled drug carried an increased risk of medical complications? How long do I have to file a lawsuit? In these occasions, an experienced lawyer can assist you in answering these questions and finding the responsible party.

Best Evidence: The circumstances surrounding a personal injury or work injury require immediate attention. Witnesses move. Memories change. Evidence is lost. As a result, the retention of a St. Louis personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney is a step to preserve the evidence that may be necessary to prove your claim.

Full Value: Another questions we often receive is what is my case worth? Insurance companies push quick settlements that may release all of the parties that caused your injury. You may also be owed more than the insurance company is offering. How do you know? With our years of experience in personal injury and workers compensation cases, we understand and know the value of these cases. It is important to discuss your settlement offer with an experienced Missouri personal injury attorney.

The right lawyer to handle your case is one with experience, one that will explain the case to you, and one with easy ways to communicate.

St. Louis personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyer Michael J. Sudekum is an attorney with the law firm of Mandel & Mandel, L.L.P. The firm is listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers by Martindale Hubbell . and is one of the select number of personal injury firms in the St. Louis area to obtain such a distinction. Mr. Sudekum and the lawyers of Mandel & Mandel, LLP have successfully settled and litigated a wide range of cases resulting in significant recoveries for its clients.

When an individual or business reaches out for legal advice, Mr. Sudekum understands that the choice is an important decision. In many cases, families are facing devastating financial consequences resulting from an inability to work and medical bills. In these times of need, you want a lawyer who will be available to answer questions and has experience necessary to successfully resolve your claim for just compensation. With that in mind, Mr. Sudekum has developed a practice model that enables him to best serve his clients throughout Missouri and Illinois. The basic premise of the model is frank and open communication with his clients. If you are ready to conduct business with a lawyer that treats you like you want to be treated, Mr. Sudekum invites you to contact him.

Please review the information on this website and when you are ready to discuss your needs, contact Mr. Sudekum through the online contact form or by phone. There is no obligation to retain Mr. Sudekum when you contact him. While he has not agreed to represent you until both parties execute a representation agreement, you will still have an opportunity to discuss with Mr. Sudekum the opportunity to work with him.

Thanks again for visiting this website. We look forward to helping you.


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