Nov 19 2016

St Barts Real Estate – Yves Bourel Realty – Villas for sale in St Barts. #private #real #estate

#st barts real estate

Yves Bourel Realty – Real Estate Agency – St Barts

St Barts niche market realtor

St. Barth s is the Golden Rule of real estate. It is THE location. As such, understanding its particularities and how they intersect best with your parameters as either a buyer or a seller is both a science and an art that requires professional guidance and St-Barth-specific experience.

Island resident for the past 25 years, Yves Bourel has studied law, economics and political science in Paris. For more than a decade, he was chief newspaper editor for the local island newspapers, during which time he developed an expert, insider knowledge of the political, economic, administrative, social culture of St. Barth.

Eight years ago, Yves opened Yves Bourel Realty, a boutique real estate agency specializing in the sale of premier island properties and homes. The agency also handles multiple agency listings but is particularly appreciated for the exclusive and unlisted deals to which it is privy.

Yves’ sound market analysis and comprehensive understanding of island life help you navigate the local real estate market successfully. Well-established, well-respected and bilingual, this French mainland native is known for his discretion, efficiency, one-to-one contact and follow through.

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