Sep 24 2017

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Southwest University

Review Averages: 8.2 out of 10 ( 12 reviews)
Ranking: #13

Southwest University is a distance learning school based in Louisiana. Southwest offers a variety of certificates, undergraduate degrees, and masters degrees in business, management, marketing, and criminal justice. Most courses can be completed in six to ten weeks. Military tuition assistance at Southwest covers a military member’s entire tuition bill.

Accreditation: Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)
For-Profit: Yes
Country: USA

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Southwest University Reviews:

Criminal Justice – June 12, 2017
I have been in the law enforcement field for over 35 years and currently serve as a Chief of a Federal Police agency. I graduated from Southwest with a BS in criminal Justice. My time with this school was so well spent I decided to complete my Masters in Criminal Justice from Southwest as well. The degree s have been widely accepted by the federal government,and I find the university; flexible, supportive, and very budget friendly. The Masters Program has been everything I was hoping for yes its a lot of papers to write but it has an enlighten adventure lots of research, but lots of support from the University. If you are a busy professional with a lot of irons in the fire this is the school that will provide you the support you need to get ahead.

MBA – March 5, 2017
This University is focused on money not education. I already have a PhD in Chemistry from a brick and mortar University but decided to continue my education many years later with a degree in Business. The classes were very good and I learned a lot. However, the doctorate portion of the program was very lacking compared to what I did in my previous graduate studies. It was not going well and I requested to be placed on leave while I decided if I would continue. This was done for a quarter but then I was charged for the following quarter that I had not requested to be signed up for. I have sent many letters to Capella explaining that I did ask to be enrolled and explained why I left. They will not even talk with me about the program unless I pay for the quarter I did not attend. I would like to discuss the option of completing the program with a Masters but this is not their priority only the money.

Criminal Justice – January 19, 2016
I enrolled with Southwest coming from Ashworth College. Ashworth was great but the curriculum was lacking for my promotional needs and Southwest has good Police Management courses. The school is great for the selfpaced adult learner. You have 10 weeks per course and extensions are available. The payment plan is wallet friendly and the staff is great and personalized. The send me birthday greeting, holiday greetings, ask if I need any assistance, etc. The school sends a study guide per course in a large binder and it is very comprehensive. Text books are your responsibility if you are not on TA. Great school.

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MBA – August 12, 2013
I am in the MBA online program. This program is challenging and VERY ORGANIZED. The instructors are completly dedicated. I have a science degree from a Big Ten and this school requires you to work, but the work is doable. Just keep up and you will do fine. Whenever I need help the admin team is friendly and on it . It is AACSB? No. However the lectures are AACSB videos and the texts are from AACSB professors at AACSB schools. The school gives you a computer (iPad) and all the texts are online so you don t have to buy them. As someone who has taken classes at very name schools, watch out. This one is on the way up.

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MBA – September 20, 2011
I graduated from Southwest with a B.S. as a foreign student. Yes, there are better schools than Southwest but where I am concerned, the fees fitted into my budget, and the open enrolment suited my hectic and unpredictable work schedule. Though the degree did not help me to get a promotion or land a job, it did improve my work skills tremendously, and I am now the author of several books.

MBA – February 19, 2011
I had an excellent experience going to Southwest University, and my degrees have greatly helped me in my career both in knowledge and advancement.

Criminal Justice – December 5, 2008
The coursework and study guides are well designed and easy to folllow. Courses can be completed in the time alloted and exams are well put together. Assistance is always a phone call or email away. I am working on my B.S. in Criminal Justice and will proceed through my M.S. in the same.

MBA – June 22, 2008
Currently, I am in my sixth class in the MAOM program. I will admit that the course work might not be as hard as say Yale or Harvard. However, there is a good amount of work and the staff is very helpful. I know that the school being only DETC accredited might cause problem for some. Nevertheless, I have spoken with some regionally accredited schools that will accept me into their PhD programs. Anyway, for a small university it fits my needs.

MBA – January 23, 2008
The staff at Southwest University have been great. A co-worker who is in the military with me told me about the university. He is currently preparing himself to become a police officer. I am in the Masters in Organizational Management program and it has been great. The program is very flexible and works well with my family and work life.

MBA – May 25, 2007
Currently pursueing degree with Southwest. Academic support and grades are always timely. Courses are difficult but doable within the 13 weeks given. Projects are build into each course that are quite challenging and require research, but help with overall learning and understanding of course.

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