Oct 17 2017

Software for all HW group products #snmp #monitor #software


HW group Software

Other software for IP sensors Monitoring

  • PosDamIO – Controlling outputs from the command line
    Windows/Linux command-line utility for controlling Poseidon Damocles. Activate a Poseidon output quickly and easily using an icon on your desktop that calls PosDamIO.
  • HWg-SDK (Software Development Kit)
    Contains plenty examples in several programming languages to easy start with HW group products.
  • 3 rd party software
    SCADA, Mobile applications, Nagios, Zabbix, HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, Paessler, SNMPc 7, The Dude and more.

IP Serial products software

I/O Controller, IP Relay, PortStore, PortBox

  • Hercules – Simple configuration and testing utility for products that feature a remote serial port.
  • PS Eye (PortStore Eye) – Central data capture from remote serial ports. One serial port, one TXT file output. Support up to 64 PortStore devices (TCP/IP, Email).
  • HW VSP (Virtual Serial Port ) – Freeware virtual serial port for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
  • IPRCcmd – Command line control outputs of the IP Relay I/O Controller.

Utilities and samples

Special products software

HWg-SH2, HWg-SH3, Poseidon 4001

  • HWg-DCD Windows application DCD – DataCenter Dashboard is central software for the ACS (Access Control System) units.

For software developers

  • HWg-SDK (Software Development Kit) contains plenty examples in several programming languages to easy start with HWg products. (Visual Basic, Borland C++, Delphi, Microsoft Visual C++. NET, C#, Active X library, MS Excel, Java, PHP)
    Note: SDK is for free, but you have to register.

3rd party software

  • 3rd party software applications
    • Security software
    • SNMP software for IT solution
    • Food HACCP software
    • SCADA: Industrial / Home automation
    • UTILS. Support Debug tools
    • Mobile applications. For Android iPhones

HW group software registration

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