Mar 7 2018

Sigma Institute of Health Careers

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Sigma Institute of Health Careers

Nursing Programs Offered

LPN Program Details

The Practical Nursing Program prepares graduates to practice within the scope of the practical nurse under the supervision of a registered nurse within structured acute, intermediate, long term and ambulatory health care facilities. The student is taught to use the nursing process at the practical nurse level.

The Practical Nursing Program consists of courses designed to develop skills in all aspects of practical nursing, and clinical experiences in area hospitals, long-term care facilities, schools, day care settings, and clinics. In addition to the study of basic nursing principles, medical and surgical care of the adult, and nursing of the childbearing family, the practical nursing student will study anatomy and physiology, nutrition, geriatrics, mental health, communications, pharmacology, and responsibilities of the LPN.

The Practical Nursing Program functions under Sigma Institute of Health Careers, of Broward County, Florida. It is given direction by the Florida State Department of Education and The Board of Nursing. Graduates are eligible to apply to Florida the Florida Board of Nursing to take the NCLEX Examination to become Licensed Practical Nurses.

All instructors are Bachelors or Masters prepared Registered Nurses and Contracted Specialists are appropriately qualified in their field. The program is planned to provide classroom and clinical experiences sufficient to ensure a competent graduate. Clinical experiences must be obtained in the following areas: Medical and Surgical, Surgical Recovery, Intensive Care, Coronary Care, Mental Health, Maternal and Newborn, Pediatrics, Geriatrics and Home Health. To facilitate learning, materials, supplies, and equipment are available in the classrooms and clinical areas.

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