May 13 2017

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What to expect from Open Box items

Custom Sounds is not only an online store. We have 16 stores where we offer products and installation services. In our stores, we have many display cases and sound rooms. Many of the Open Box items were opened by us. We open them in order display them for our walk-in customers. They are carefully handled as we sell them to our in-store customers as well. In some cases we power them up in our sound-rooms to demonstrate the products.

The open box items we sell come complete with all the parts and manuals. Furthermore; they are sold as new products with FULL manufacturer warranty. We will always clearly note when products are remanufactured or refurbished. This is generally less than 0.5% of our products (less than 1%). In rare cases there may be some light scratches from unboxing and reboxing the products. These are generaly not easily visible and do not impact functionality whatsoever. If the item is the last one in stock, there is a possibility that the original box may not exist. These are generally items that cannot be repackaged due to the nature of the original box/packaging.

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