Shield volcano types of volcanoes

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What type of eruptions form shield volcanoes?

What type of eruptions occurs at shield volcanoes?

What type of volcano has quiet eruptions?

What type of volcano has quiet eruptions of basaltic lava that form large gently sloping s >

The type of volcano is the shield volcano. Shield volcanoes can be found in Hawai’i.

What type of eruption does a shield volcano have?

Shield volcanoes usually produce effusive eruptions.

What type of volcano has an effusive eruption?

Shield volcanoes have effusive eruptions. Effusive eruptions are a volcanic phenomenon; in some ways the opposite of explosive eruptions. An effusive eruption is characterized by an outpouring of low viscosity lava which has a fairly low volatile content. Usually, shield volcanoes have effusive eruptions.

What is the least dangerous type of volcano?

The least dangerous volcanoes would likely be shield volcanoes. Shield volcanoes usually ooze out lava that slowly flows downhill. Explosive eruptions are rare.

What type of volcanoes form on a hot spot?

What type of volcanoes form the islands of H awaii?

Is caldera a shield volcano too?

No. Caldera and shield volcanoes are quite different. Shield volcanoes usually undergo effusive eruptions, the least violent type and produce basaltic lava. Caldera forming volcanoes erupt explosively and are the most violent. They generally produce rhyolitic lava.

What type of lava do gentle volcanic eruptions produce?

Shield volcanoes produce fast flowing lava. They erupt frequently, but eruptions are gentle because the lava is so thin and does not trap gas in the volcano.

What type of eruptions do cinder cone volcanoes have?

They have Strombolian eruptions.

The type of volcano formed from violent eruptions of a volcano?

It is not a composite volcano or a cinder cone volcano. it’s not even a shield volcano so it is NOT one of the three main volcanoes

What type of volcanoes are on the Hawaiian Islands?

What type of volcanoes are found in Hawaii?

What type of a volcanoes are in the Hawaiian Islands?

They are shield volcanoes

What type of volcanoes are the hawaiianislands?

Most are shield volcanoes.

Are the Hawaiian Islands cinder cone volcanoes?

The Hawaiian volcanoes can form cinder cones, however the type of volcano they are classified as is shield volcano due to their broad sloping sides and the ability for their lava to flow. No. The Hawaiian islands are shield volcanoes.

What determines the type of volcano formed?

Its magma composition. different types of volcanic eruptions form different types of volcanoes

What type of rock makes shield volcanoes?

Basaltic/mafic lava creates shield volcanoes.

What are the three types of volcanoes?

A shield volcano, cinder cone volcano, and the composite volcano. Shield volcanoes are on of the three types of volcanoes. Shield volcanoes have quiet eruptions and the lava is basaltic. Its slope is shallow compared to a composite volcano and a cinder-cone volcano. They are produced by hotspots and mid-ocean ridge. Cinder-cone volcanoes are the second of the three types of volcanoes. Cinder-cone volcanoes. Cinder-cone volcanoes have explosive eruptions that release lava high in the…

How does silica influence volcanic eruptions?

The higher the silica content of the magma, the more viscous the magma. The higher the viscosity of the magma, the more explosive the eruptions of the volcano tend to be. Lower silica content lavas tend to form shield volcanoes (such as the type formed on Hawaii) where the lava can flow very long distances as it has a much lower viscosity.

Which type of lava eruptions cover the largest area on earth’s surface?

shield volcanoes found on page 134 in my 8th grade science book so it has to be right if the government wrote it in(:

Facts about composite volcanoes?

Multiple eruptions form composite volcanoes. Andesite magma is the most common type of magma that erupts from composite volcanoes. Composite volcanoes can grow so high that their slopes become unstable and collapse.


Shield volcano types of volcanoes


Shield volcano types of volcanoes

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