Oct 16 2017

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Thank you for visiting our web site we hope you find the answers you seek here, if not,
Call us, the Owners, Bob Sherman or John Roberts at Head Office 1300 787 307 .

Our services are used by; Private Personal Individuals, Families, Barristers,
Solicitors and Businesses Corporations here in Australia, S/East Asia the USA.
For the past 40+ years we have specialized in Professional Discreet
and Confidential Private Investigations Cases for;

Personal, Business, Private, Family Law, Matrimonial, Cheaters, Children’s Custody Access. Background Checks, Due Diligence, Missing Persons, Social Media, Worker’s Compensation, Corporate Undercover, Work-Cover, Hidden Bank or Missing Assets, Crimes Drug Cases, Tracking, Stock Loss, Industrial, Electronic Internet Spying, Corporate Crime, Legal Medical Malpractice Harassment.
We’re a full-service Private Investigations Agency
have conducted 100,000+ investigations since 1975.

Bob Sherman, Partner.

At Sherman Roberts Private Investigators Detectives, we’ll stay in touch with you during your investigation and inform you of all on-going results and costing, you’ll not have to wait weeks for results. Kindly read as much of our web site as time allows and speak to us.
Our regional headquarters are in; Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra in the ACT, with agents in the rest of Australia, Asia [ Hong Kong, Taipei Kuala Lumpur] USA [ San Francisco, Dallas and Washington DC.].

Our Private Investigators Detectives can help with all your investigative needs.
Meeting your needs is our top priority.
Our Managers are on call 24/7 for an Initial Obligation-Free Confidential Consultation.

Private, Personal Business Case solutions

For over 40 years, Sherman Roberts Private Investigators Detectives have dedicated themselves to obtaining Positive Results through tackling and solving numerous cases more often using simple surveillance, observations, following and inquiries, accessing Data banks and Private Information or complex, creative, ingenious methods.
Our clients marvel at the wealth and quality of information we’re able to obtain discreetly.
Our Personal, Private and Business clients benefit when our operatives confidentially obtain facts through clever means, investigations, professional decoys, or through undercover investigators working secretly inside company warehouses, offices and factories, often for months.
Put yourself, your family or your company in a position of strength before acting, by obtaining the real facts not hearsay, that you need to make an informed serious decision.
Our Private Investigators Detectives discover those important much needed facts needed to bring clarity and to solve your case successfully.

We access Data Banks not usually available to others.

Legal Litigation Support.
Regularly engaged by Solicitors Law Firms, government bodies, local councils and commercial enterprises, Sherman Roberts Private Investigators Detectives have a reputation for obtaining the information, evidence and assisting in Litigation, Personal, Matrimonial, Criminal Civil Defense, and Appeals Cases where comprehensive and detailed evidence gathering, presenting and reporting is essential.

Our Satisfied Clients
We are passionate about our Private Investigations. No two days are ever the same, which
is the contributing factor behind our rich history and unrivalled national reputation. We aim high, approaching every case with energy and determination while maintaining the detached composure of established veterans. Sherman Roberts Investigators Detectives’ passion, evidenced by our relentless desire to solve your crisis, is rivalled only by our compassion for serving people in need people and businesses with nowhere else to turn. We pride ourselves in transforming our client s impossible situations into impressive victories, a fact that has not escaped those we have served.
We have heard countless stories from our satisfied clients as to how we succeeded in obtaining the facts where other inexperienced or smaller investigators failed. We have three main advantages;
Experience. Experience. Experience!

Our Internet. web and Cyber Expertise
Sherman Roberts Private Investigators Detectives have vast expertise in all areas of investigation including physical and video surveillance, locating persons, children, bank accounts and hard assets, motor vehicles, boats or tracking mobile phones, carrying out electronic countermeasures or de-bugging, assets location, missing persons location, theft investigations, static surveillance, undercover, interviewing and interrogation, as well as discovering On-Line or internet affairs.
When it comes to those hard to define and locate culprits engaged in Cyber bullying and harassment, fraud and infidelity or identity theft, as well other specialized areas of internet investigations were very able to find the culprit. We’ve solved a variety of cases over the past 40 years, integrating past experience with 2017 cutting-edge technology to solve cases in a cost-effective manner.
Gathering intelligence takes hard work, a list of contacts and years of experience in obtaining facts and evidence and presenting that Proof to a Court or Board Of Directors.

Spy Technology Equipment.
At Sherman Roberts Private Investigators Detectives we invest in the latest USA/ European equipment technologies and we are committed to ensuring that we stay ahead of the also-rans, by combining the latest technology with human expertise and experience. The private investigation industry has undergone tremendous changes over recent years. This is the high-tech era and most of the equipment used today was only dreamed of a few years ago. From tie-pin cameras, digital video, video link, infra-red lenses, sophisticated digital voice activated invisible listening devices GPS tracker solutions.
Each situation demands a different approach and it is only by discussing the situation with you that our experienced private investigators can advise you of the best solution for you.

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