Apr 7 2018

Security services San Francisco, Bay Area

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Our corporate security services are targeted to the following objects: Construction site, Government services, Office buildings, Corporate headquarters, Warehouses, Banks. Research Laboratories and Hospitals .

Video Surveillance

Armada Security is proud to offer you free consultation to setup your video surveillance system, we have certified security camera and video surveillance experts standing by to answer your security camera, digital video recorder (DVR), and CCTV questions.


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security services in San Francisco, Bay Area

Armada Security Company provides you with cost-effective peace of mind and the assurance that your assets are protected by the best in the business.

We deliver the most complete security services, with the highest level of integrity, training, and technology.

Custom solutions: Assessment & Audit

We do not believe that security is a one-size-fits-all solution, but instead an overall strategy that must meet each organization’s threats, objectives, and growth.

Beginning with the Armada Assessment and Audit, we develop a plan that addresses your organization’s particular areas of vulnerbility while recommending a program that is right for your business.

The Assessment and Audit provides our experts with the information neccessary to incorporate personnel selection, equipment, training, and scheduling into the most comprehensive program for your budget.

Secutiry on the construction site

Equipment theft is the major source of loss on the construction sites. Insurance company may offset some of it in money terms, but the rest will be paid by the contractors, and considering the price of the aforementioned equipment, that is quite a sum. Theft prevention is not an easy task. Any one of the authorized workers might turn out to be a thief, as well as any of the visitors. Although security officers usually run a background check on every employee, it won t give you 100% assurance. The bigger construction is, the more visitors sign in and out of it every day. Without implementing state-of-the-art technical systems into your daily security policy you want get very far.

CCTV can be an effective deterrent to criminal activity. It is extremely important to consider the type, quality and quantity of CCTV devices on the stage of planning the whole thing, because they work from a power supply. Therefore, the power supplies should be located in the right places. It is highly recommended to mount cameras and secondary devices on masts, if such a thing is possible, but you can also use the existing structures (for instance, power cranes). CCTV images can be monitored on the site or remotely, and recorded if necessary. You can also use the portable wireless systems which can be easily deployed and moved wherever one needs them.

Secondary devices may come in handy. For example, a remote security officer can warn the criminals, using audio amplifiers.
On small constructions sites patrol guards (particularly at non-working hours) seem to be the optimal solution, and 24/7 static guard is preferable on the bigger ones. For the latter, prevent intrusion perimeter detection system is a must.

The Armada Security Company offers most competitive guarding to all the managers of San Francisco constructing sites. Currently we operate within the Bay Area only. Our security company puts safety at the height of importance. All our officers meet the highest level of qualification.

Our officers will guard the storerooms and all the entrances to the site. Every visitor will be obliged to sign in and out declaring the equipment he carries with him. We recommend making lists of all the tools every brigade requires for a day. In the mornings and evenings our officers will verify if there are any tools missing, and if not, will lock them up for night.

Our officers are familiar with all the stages of a building process and will be able to tailor their policies to the construction tasks. They will also assist administrative tasks on site in order to help to finish the construction on time, if necessary.

Agent Assurance: Employee Screening

Our agents are at the core of our business and have been largely responsible for our tremendous success.

Armada maintains the most rigid standards in screening including extensive criminal background checks and regular drug tests which gaurantee agents with high ethics and professional integrity.

Combine this with out on-going professional training, you are assured of a well prepared, reliable and diligent team that takes pride in their work.

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