May 19 2017

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I am looking to get 2 or 3 secured cards- but will need them with a lower deposit. I don’t care if the CL is the low deposit amount- that doesn’t matter to me. I’m not planning on spending anymore than 5 bucks a month on each anyways. but since I need 2 or 3- I cannot afford $200 deposit on each card either. Just wondering if anyone can direct to me to secured cards with a lower (like 50 bucks or less) deposit.

I am looking for:

  • LOW deposit (even if CL is low- fine with me for me now)
  • Reports to all 3 agencies- or at least reports to TU
  • Prefer no yearly fee- but realize I can’t have everything LOL

As far as no annual fee. good luck. If you’re looking for a secured card, they know you’re not in a position to bargain so they’re going to charge you an annual fee to make some money off of you. Orchard waives the AF the first year, but then you have a fee. Navy Federal has to fee, but you have to deposit at least $500 and be eligible for membership. Everyone else, you’re most likely going to be paying something in the $30-40 range.

Depending on what your credit report looks like, your best choice might be Capital One. I don’t like recommending them, but it comes closest to what you’re looking for. You might be able to get the cards for a $49 or $99 deposit each, and the annual fee is only $29. But of course, you’ll end up with a hard pull on all 3. Also, they might do a separate pull for each card, so you might end up taking a LOT of inquiries from it.

The only other choice I could recommend is talking to a local credit union, but I’m not sure you’ll be able to get anything for a less than $200 deposit from them.

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