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Date Published : July 30,2014

Take a Seat: Quick Tips in Seat Cover Selection

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Date Published : July 30,2014

How to Install Seat Covers

Seat covers were designed to protect your car’s seats from spoilage. With a variety of designs available in the market, a seat cover can make or break your car’s interior design. They also undergo normal wear and tear, which makes them old and shabby. You can preserve your interior’s pristine condition by installing new seat covers. Seat covers are easy to install and they add a custom look to any vehicle.

In this guide, we have prepared the tips, steps and tools needed to help you install new seat covers.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Tools that You’ll Need:

  • Utility knife
  • Fine-tipped marker
  • Coat hanger
  • New seat covers

Safety Tips:

  • Make sure that you’re working on a solid, level surface.
  • Have a first aid kit handy and be careful when handling sharp objects.
  • Check your replacement parts and make sure that they are compatible to your vehicle’s make and model.
  • Always wear recommended safety equipment like closed-toe shoes, an industrial-grade dusk mask, safety goggles and gloves.
  • Check your vehicle’s service manual before installing the new seat covers. These seat covers can interfere with the seat’s built-in air bags. Make sure to locate them first before installation.

Step 1: Pull up the seat’s headrest up to its highest adjustment. Pull harder until the headrest comes off.

Step 2: Tilt the front seats forward to make it easier to access the back seat.

Step 3: Place the seat cover over the seat and slide it all the way down. It should wrap the entire seat and make sure it fits snugly over it.

Step 4: Pull the seat cover all the way to the base. Stretch it a bit to cover the entire seat.

Step 5: Use the coat hanger to pull all the elastic loops found on the seat cover to tighten its fit over the car seat.

Step 6: Pull the elastic loops over the S-hooks to hold the seat cover in place. If the fit is a bit loose, stretch the loops further to tighten them. You may have to tie some ends to achieve a perfect fit.

Step 7: Locate the holes holding your headrest and mark them with a felt-tipped marker. Cut quarter-inch holes and make sure that they are parallel with the car’s sides.

Step 8: Slip the cover over the headrest and push the headrest back into place. Make a visual inspection for creases and wrinkles.

Installing new seat covers will take about 30 minutes for an expert DIYer and an hour for a beginner. Have fun and add a custom look to your vehicle’s interior.

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