Mar 11 2018

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San Francisco Art Institute G.I. Bill Tuition Assistance

How much will attending San Francisco Art Institute cost you? Below you’ll find a breakdown of the G.I. Bill tuition assistance and more for San Francisco Art Institute.

Why is the G.I. Bill Important?

G.I. Bill Tuition assistance is limited. Check out below if San Francisco Art Institute’s tuition is covered. Be sure to check out the G.I. Bill information for each school you’re considering because each school’s coverage varies.

Veterans Typically Attend San Francisco Art Institute for no More Than $15,365

If you qualify for full benefits under the Post-9/11 GI Bill В®, we estimate that your yearly out of pocket cost to attend San Francisco Art Institute should not be more than $15,365.

Find out how your actual benefits will reduce the cost of attending San Francisco Art Institute, using our Post-9/11 GI Bill В® calculator.

Private College Tuition Not Covered by GI Bill Benefits

Even if you qualify for full benefits, the tuition and fees charged by San Francisco Art Institute will not be fully covered. San Francisco Art Institute charges $43,090 a year for tuition and fees but your maximum Post-9/11 benefit is only $20,235. In order to make up the shortfall you will need some additional aid from the college and/or government.

If you do not qualify for full benefits or are unsure how your benefits stack up in your scenario, use the calculator to determine how your benefits cover your cost of attending San Francisco Art Institute.

Yellow Ribbon Program

It appears as though San Francisco Art Institute, participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program but we could not determine if there are restrictions of this participation. In the event that you have tuition and fees charges that are not covered by your Post-9/11 benefits, you may be able to get additional assistance in the form of a Yellow Ribbon Award so check with the college.

San Francisco Art Institute awarded a total of $51,662 in Yellow Ribbon benefits last year. This was split among 10 veterans for an average award of $5,166 ($10,332 after government matching).

Questions to Ask the Admissions Department

  • Which programs and majors (if any) participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program and how do I apply?

Per Credit Fees and the Active Duty Tuition Assistance Cap

With a per credit charge for in-state students of $1,849, San Francisco Art Institute falls above the tuition assistance cap of $250 for active duty personnel.

Art institute of san francisco tuition

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