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Aug 2 2019

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Salvage, Rebuilt and Export Only Vehicles

Auto salvageAuto Salvage is the easiest way to find a steal of a deal on any make or model of vehicle.

Auto Salvage provides a chance to save thousands on the most sought-after types of Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUV’s. Auto Salvage is simply a term that refers to cars, trucks, and SUV’s that have been damaged in one form or another. The titles of these cars are labeled as Salvage based on amount of damage, state policy, and insurance company reports. Auto Salvage can refer to everything from Salvage Rebuildable, Rebuilt, Repairable, Storm and Water damage to totaled cars that are for Parts Only.

For anyone looking for a real deal on quality cars, Auto Salvage from Autoworld of America is a surefire way to buy without spending sticker prices and reeling from sticker shock. These vehicles have titles that range fromSalvage” to “Rebuilt”, and for the international crowd, “Export Only also known as C/D (Certificate of Destruction). Auto Salvage also refers to OEM Used Parts and Accessories recovered from Salvage and Damaged Vehicles, also purchased at a highly discounted price.

Our Rebuilt Title vehicles are completely repaired and have passed all the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Inspections so they are ready to be driven off the lot (or the shipping dock). Autoworld of America has more than 25 years of experience in the Auto Salvage industry repairing and rebuilding cars to near-perfection. Rebuilt cars are a reliable way to get a name-brand vehicle at a Salvage price.

Reconditioned vehicles and auto parts are the cheapest way to get a ride. When it comes to getting an American-made, quality car in another country, auto salvage is one of the only affordable options. In most states in the USA, for a car to be considered Salvage it would have a cost of repairs at more than 75% of the value before damage. In some areas, after a 91% damage threshold the car is given a C/D (Certificate of Destruction) or Parts Only Title.

These C/D vehicles offer an even deeper discount, but are often only allowed to be sold as Exports Only. For people around the world seeking cars in the USA at a decent price, Auto Salvage is almost always the cheapest option. There are pros and cons when it comes to Auto Salvage, but the deeply discounted price point trumps all.

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Auto salvage

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Auto salvage

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