Aug 11 2017

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RUSH HOUR: The stories you need to know today

AMBER alerts rolled out on Facebook in Australia

Facebook and the nation s police forces will begin issuing alerts about abducted children to Australian users.

Federal police on Thursday say the AMBER Alert system will be used to help find and return missing children.

The system, which places notices about abducted children in prominent parts of users feeds, rolled out to US users in early 2015.

Property prices set to fall

A new report has predicted property prices will fall in some Aussie cities.

Research from BIS Oxford Economics shows housing prices in Sydney and Melbourne have peaked and it s all down hill from here.

Finance expert Effie Zahos told the TODAY Show the prices would drop because of new restrictions on loans and an oversupply of housing on the market.

It s a combination of restrictions on investment lending. and also on increase in stock supply, she said.

With prices in Sydney and Melbourne expected to fall, housing in Canberra will rise 16 per cent.

But overall, those looking for apartments across Australia can expect to pay less.

That s what people should be looking at if they want to snap up a bargain, Ms Zahos said.

Prices for units in Sydney and Melbourne are predicted to drop four per cent in the next three years. Prices will drop seven per cent in Brisbane and one per cent in Perth.

Penny Wong s brutal slap down

Labor senator Penny Wong slammed Liberal National senator Ian Macdonald when he attempted to interrupt her in the Senate on Wednesday.

It s not the first time he s tried to do that to Ms Wong, and she made it clear she had enough.

Ms Wong was speaking in the Senate when Mr Macdonald interjected.

The senator Macdonald really does have an unhealthy obsession with me, Ms Wong said.

But I digress.

Macdonald kept interrupting and made one comment that could not be heard by the press gallery.

However it caused Ms Wong to snap you re not my type either mate, don t worry about it .

Senator Penny Wong totally schooled Senator Ian Macdonald. Picture: AAP Image/Mick Tsikas Source: AAP

Prince Philip admitted to hospital

Prince Philip has been admitted to hospital as a precautionary measure for treatment of an infection, Buckingham Palace says.

The 95-year-old was supposed to be accompanying the Queen to the State Opening of parliament today but his place has been taken by Prince Charles.

The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in London last night, as a precautionary measure, for treatment of an infection arising from a pre-existing condition, Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

Prince Philip is in good spirits and is disappointed to be missing the State Opening of Parliament and Royal Ascot.

The Prince of Wales will accompany the Queen to the State Opening.

Her Majesty is being kept informed and will attend Royal Ascot as planned this afternoon.

Earlier this year the palace announced that Prince Philip would be retiring from royal duties, a decision he made himself with the full support of the queen.

Philip has suffered from heart disease and other ailments in recent years but has nonetheless maintained a vigorous public schedule.

The queen, who turned 91 last month, will keep carrying out royal engagements with the support of the royal family.

She has, however, lowered her workload in recent years as her children and grandchildren have moved to the fore.

Psychos drink black coffee, study finds

Apparently you re a psychopath if you like black coffee.

A new study from the University of Innsbruck found those who liked bitter tastes also showed signs of having anti-social personality traits.

Researchers conducted two studies with more than 1000 adults. Participants were asked to write down food and flavour preferences and undertake a personality test that examined anti-social behaviours like narcissim, psychopathy and sadism.

Turns out those who liked bitter flavours, like black coffee, showed stronger signs of having those anti-social personality traits than somebody who didn t like bitter flavours.

It s not just black coffee drinkers you need to watch out for either. The research found people who liked radishes, celery and tonic water also showed signs of anti-social personality traits.

Amelia Earhart mystery could be solved

The unsolved mystery of Amelia Earhart s sudden disappearance during a round-the-world flight in 1937 may finally be solved by a group of bone-sniffing dogs.

A pack of four border collies has been enlisted to search Nikumaroro, part of the Phoenix Islands and where researchers with the International Group for Historic Aircraft

Recovery believe Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan may have landed, according to the National Geographic.

Members of the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), along with their dogs Berkeley, Piper, Marcy and Kayle, will set sail for the uninhabited island located north of Fiji on June 24.

The researchers believe Earhart and Noonan wound up on Nikumaroro, then called Gardner Island, when they couldn t find their destination of Howland Island.

If you don t know where you are, that s the logical direction to head, said TIGHAR Executive Director Ric Gillespie.

TIGHAR S Senior Archaeologist Tom King called the expedition less of a shot in the dark than any expedition we ve had and that s because in 1940, when the island was temporarily colonised, 13 bones were discovered, shipped to Fiji but then lost.

TIGHAR researchers now believe they know where those bones were found and that their team of human remain sniffing dogs could help find more.

No other technology is more sophisticated than the dogs, said Fred Hiebert, archaeologist in residence at the National Geographic Society, which is sponsoring the canines.

They have a higher rate of success identifying things than ground-penetrating radar.

Bone-sniffing canines have searched burial sites as deep as nine feet and as old as 1,500 years.

The four dogs could have a hard time carrying out their sniffing duties on the hot island but could get a boost from coconut crabs there which may have human bones stashed away.

The crabs are our friends, said Hiebert.

If bones are found, they ll be shipped back to the US for DNA analysis. Earhart still has a living relative but Noonan does not.

If the dogs don t find anything, we ll have to think about what that means, said Hiebert.

But if the dogs are successful, it will be the discovery of a lifetime.

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