Oct 5 2016

Rules of Renting a Car in the UK #luxury #car #rentals

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Age Requirements

Licensing Requirements

Car rental agencies in the United Kingdom require that renters have a valid driver’s license that they have held for at least a year. While some car rental agencies may accept another country’s driver’s license, it’s a better idea to get an International Driver’s Permit before leaving the United States. The permit is a card that has your driver’s license information printed in 10 languages. They are available from your local travel agent or AAA office for about $20.

Driving History Requirements

You may be required to submit to a driving history check when renting a car in the United Kingdom. If you have pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, driving while intoxicated or possession of a stolen vehicle within the last 36 months, you may not be be able to rent a car. Other motor vehicle infractions that may preclude you from renting a car include three or more moving violations, seat belt violations and speeding.

Payment Requirements

To rent a car in the United Kingdom, most car rental agencies will require you to have a valid major credit card in your name. Credit cards in another person’s name will usually not be accepted. If you do not have a major credit card, contact the car rental agency directly to see if they will allow you to make a cash payment for your car rental. If the car rental agency is agreeable to accept a cash payment, you will be required to pay an administration fee as well as provide the name of your current employer, your billing address and bank references.

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