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Aug 31 2019

Rockstar destiny 2

Rockstar destiny 2-Rockstar destiny 2
A closer look at the Rockstar Energy promotion for Destiny 2 reveals what unique rewards it offers and how often players can redeem those special items.

How Destiny 2’s Rockstar Energy Drink Rewards Work

  • by Anthony Taormina
  • – on Aug 08, 2017
  • in Gaming News

This week, Bungie and Activision made their partnership with Rockstar official but details regarding the Destiny 2 promotion were not entirely clear. All fans know is that they will be able to redeem codes printed on select Rockstar cans in exchange for Destiny 2 rewards. Now, however, some Destiny fans have put together some clues and come up with the best breakdown of how the Rockstar promotion will work.

Based on closer looks at the Rockstar cans it is believed that the Destiny 2 promotion will reward 1 legendary engram per code. Unlike past energy drink-themed promotions for Destiny, however, there appears to be a limit of 3 code redemptions per account per week.

Considering the Rockstar promotion for Destiny 2 runs until October 27th, fans have calculated that they can earn a total of 24 engrams during that time period. So, if players are dedicated enough, they can spend close to $100 on some legendary engrams in Destiny 2.

Since the Rockstar promotion has not gone live, there are still plenty of questions about how it works. We don’t know if the engrams rewarded by the codes will have anything special about them, or if they are just normal engrams. There is some evidence to suggest the engrams might have something special about them, namely the fact the event has an expiration date for redemption, but nothing official has been said on the matter.

Assuming engram drops in Destiny 2 are as frequent as they are in Destiny 1, though, then it’s hard to see the appeal of the promotion. If the codes awarded an exotic engram, then that might be a different story. The Pop-Tart promotion, however, is keeping things much simpler by offering codes for XP boosts, much like the Red Bull tie-in for Taken King.

That being said, there are still other reasons for players to pick up the Rockstar cans, as they can also reward items like a PS4 and a copy of Destiny 2. Then there’s the big prize, which is a Destiny 2-themed motorcycle.

The official Rockstar site for the Destiny 2 promotion goes live on September 1st, so players can expect to learn more about how everything works then. They can also start redeeming codes for inevitable use in the game, but there is no rush to decrypt the engrams via the new Cryptarch. According to Bungie, the engrams will still work until March 1st.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.


Rockstar destiny 2


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