Aug 13 2017

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Get Ready to Lead: Take the Fast Track from RN to BSN and MSN

American Sentinel is one of the few CCNE-accredited universities to offer a streamlined progression from RN to BSN and MSN. This pathway is specifically designed for registered nurses with a passion for knowledge and the desire for continuous career advancement. Instead of taking the BSN and MSN separately, this program is designed to save you time and money. You’ll earn your BSN and go on to earn your MSN within the same program.

Total Tuition: $26,940

Next Start Date: 09/18/17
(monthly starts)

Course length: 8 weeks

Nursing Courses: 19 7 undergraduate / 12 graduate

Experience Matters

The reason we can offer best-in-class educational content is simple: online education for healthcare professionals is all we do. With this singular focus, we aim to improve patient outcomes and advance the healthcare industry through innovative learning environments. Our curriculum is designed and delivered by experienced nursing professionals with decades of practical experience. Like you, we place a high priority on evidence-based practice. As educators and healers, we remain focused on positive outcomes for our students, their patients and their loved ones.

Two Degrees – Less Time

Earning your BSN requires seven baccalaureate-level nursing courses, transfer in or complete 30 hours of gen eds, and then three graduate nursing courses. You are then on a shorter track to earn your MSN with just nine more graduate nursing courses including specialization courses from one of five areas: Case Management. Infection Prevention and Control. Nursing Education. Nursing Informatics and Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership .

Why Our RN to BSN/MSN Program Works for Working Professionals

  • Monthly start dates
  • Course length: 8 weeks
  • No mandatory login times
  • One-on-one support: MySentinel Student Success Advisor
  • Evidenced-based Educational Practices:
    • 97% of students surveyed achieved their stated goals
    • 92% of students surveyed recommend American Sentinel to a friend
    • 96% of students surveyed are satisfied with their studies

Total Tuition Cost

Total tuition is $26,940. Final tuition will depend on the number of transfer credits awarded and whether those transfer credits fulfill mandatory course requirements. Receive 60 credits for ADN or nursing diploma and RN license. An additional 30 credits can be earned by demonstrating course equivalency or Life Experience Credits. The maximum number of transfer credits is 90.

Average Time for Program Completion

Finish the program in three years or less, or take each course at your own pace. We give you options instead of limitations.

Practice Experiences

The nursing programs at American Sentinel University contain practice experiences. These practice experiences have specific objectives, expected outcomes and competencies.

Practice experiences are not like the clinical experiences you completed to obtain your degree as a registered nurse. Practice experiences do not involve hands-on patient care. They are designed to provide you with the opportunity to apply the concepts and knowledge you learn in the nursing courses.

Practicum experiences are imbedded in the BSN and MSN courses. They will range from interviewing or shadowing someone in the desired role to teaching a section of discussion questions in an online course.

What Our RN to BSN/MSN Graduates Can Do

Graduates of the RN to BSN/MSN accelerated nursing degree program will be able to:

  • Integrate roles as leaders and collaborators in various healthcare settings.
  • Use theoretical knowledge to guide advanced nursing practice.
  • Analyze models that expand the role of nurses in a global society.
  • Evaluate legislation, policies, and economics as applied to the current healthcare environment.
  • Appraise research to enhance professional nursing practice.

The Mission of the RN to MSN program is to prepare highly qualified professional nursing personnel to serve global healthcare communities as administrators, educators, and informatics specialists.

Are You Eligible

  • Active, unencumbered RN License
  • Diploma from a hospital school of nursing program
  • ASN or ADN from a nationally accredited college
  • Nurses with Foreign education, equivalent recognized by NACES evaluator

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