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Apr 7 2017

Reviews – Legit or Scam? #life #insurance

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About is a website which provides its visitors with the opportunity to seek out new auto insurance quotes, which they claim can result in quotes as low as $9 a week.

In order to receive your new insurance quotes, you must first provide your zip code. Then you will brought to a personal form which you must fill out in full before you can be provided with your new insurance quotes.

This form asks basic questions about your care, such as the make, model, and year, as well as the current condition of the care, the mileage of the car, whether it is owned or leased, and whether the car has a working security system.

The form then asks a series of questions regarding the current insurance coverage that you have, and the type of insurance coverage you are hoping to get. This includes questions about current premiums.

Finally, the form asks personal questions about you, including your age, occupation, gender, etc. It also asks questions regarding certain circumstances for which some insurance companies provide extra discounts.

When you have completed your form and submit all your information, you are giving permission to release your information to up to 8 different local insurance companies, as well as permission for these companies to contact you.

Submitting your form also gives permission to email you information on reminders and special promotions, as well as giving the insurance companies the opportunity to pull consumer reports on you to verify your credit score.

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