Jul 14 2017

Review – Dial 7 Car Services, New York City Traveller Reviews #wholesale #cars

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1 Organized trip, 1 unexpected one. Great Service!

Reviewed 2 weeks ago


My wife and I arranged Dial-7 for 2 trips while on our stay in Manhattan.

Now our original pick up/drop off from Laguardia to Hotel was with the other leading competitor service and that was not a good experience at all.

So let’s focus on Dial-7! They were fantastic from the start.

The website, easy to navigate and reserve. Compatible with Google auto-populate ( as a mobile user, you would be surprised how many website get something wrong here! )

We arranged a drive from our hotel to Laguardia airport. the driver was right on time, he took an appropriate route and even with gridlock traffic stressing us out if we would make our flight on time, the driver assured us we would arrive in plenty of time.

So we did!

Well wouldn’t you know as my wife and I are taking our shoes off at airport security my phone rings. I answer, and it’s Dial-7 and my wife had left her cell phone in the back seat of the car!

The driver returned in mere minutes, happily giving us our phone and when I offered what little American cash I had left on hand the driver simply refused stating No sir, This is why you use a car service and not a taxi .

Courteous and appreciated Dial-7. This driver does your company proud!

Well wouldn’t you know that our flight got cancelled due to rain/weather/airport shenannigans!

After the frustrations of that experience, Dial-7 had a driver with us in less than 10 minutes, easily arranged over the phone and they were equally as pleasant and polite on our return trip to Manhattan for the night.

Really a great experience, sufficiently so that I actually wrote a review online about a car service!

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