Nov 27 2016

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Without the air filter, your engine will be strained and soon damaged by harmful particles. That is why it is so important to replace your old paper air filter in time. Most experts recommend drivers do that every 10,000 – 15,000 miles. However, for those people whose routes pass through debris and dust, a more frequent change of the unit is a must. Anyway, it’s a smart policy to at least inspect it every 6,000 miles.

To determine whether you need a replacement for your factory air filter or not, you need to know several common symptoms of a faulty unit. So, if your vehicle takes a long time to start, or you have a reduced power problem or frequently fouled spark plugs, then the filter must be replaced. In case you can hear a rough engine noise or smell a gasoline odor while idling, your air filter doesn’t operate properly, and it means. yeah, it must be changed. Fortunately, our online catalog features an ever-expanding collection of top-quality replacement products that will perform as well as or even better than the OEM part.

Safety is not the only reason to have a new unit installed. There are plenty of other advantages you can benefit from. The first and the foremost thing you’ll appreciate is better performance. With a new part, more air will reach the engine and cause more efficient combustion, which means less work and more power for your engine. By allowing it to function more effectively, you will improve your gas mileage as well. Another major benefit of having a new air filter is less frequent oil changes, as with a clean unit, oil will remain cleaner much longer. As you see, the list of the advantages of is almost endless.

No need to worry about fitment – the replacement air filters we store are identical to their OEM prototypes. We’ve got products for almost every kind of the vehicle: there are generally used paper filters, as well as popular in rallying foam and high-performance cotton air filters. And because our list of manufacturers includes only the most reputable names, our customers get nothing but exceptional quality and unrivaled performance. Check over our great selection of replacement parts and choose the unit that will exceed all your expectations. Don’t let your old dirty air filter rob the performance of your engine.

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