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Apr 6 2017

Rental Home KC – Leasing services for Renters, Owners and Investors #apartment #search

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WELCOME to RentalHomeKC!

Rental Home KC is Kansas City s premier home rental and property management specialist! We connect home owners, builders and investors with tenants in Johnson County, Kansas.

We offer a wide selection of houses, duplexes and townhomes.

We help renters find the home that meets their specific needs.

We help those moving to Kansas City find high quality rentals while they learn the area before purchasing a home.

We help owners find the right renters for their properties.

We help owners avoid losses if they have to sell in the current market, providing income to cover their mortgage while they wait for a better time to have their house on the market.

Rental Home KC has developed a unique niche, combining leading edge technology and knowledge of real estate to assist renters and owners alike. Our familiarity with the area and the rental market allows us to match the right property with the right owner and the right renter.

So browse our website and give us a call or email. WE CAN ASSIST YOU.

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