May 20 2017

Rental Car Rally #apartments #for #rent #in #michigan

#rent of car

WTF is rental car rally?

Held in cities across America every summer, Rental Car Rally careens across hundreds of miles of two-lane blacktop and backroads alike, pitting costumed galoots against each other in a madcap race to win that most gilded of trophies: His Glimmering Majesty, The Golden Gas Pump of Destiny, Esquire.

In other words, it’s a challenge, old horse. A challenge to break the dim shackles of your amateur porn-addled brain, rise from your Laz-E-Boy, tuck your t-shirt into your panties and finally (finally!) do that thing — that one glorious, fully tumescent thing — that all Red Bull-blooded Americans with disposable income, a valid driving license and a curious penchant for costumed buffoonery yearn for in their vestigial 9-to-5 hearts: rent a car, raise some hell.

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