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Nov 19th, 2015, 11:59 AM

I went last June, did the ring road.

I think the big thing to consider will be insurance. They have a variety of insurances that cover damage to different things on the car(gravel, sand/ash, etc). I went with credit card insurance as it did not have a deductible, while the insurance offered through the rental companies had large deductibles. Credit card insurance covers everything, whereas the rental insurance basic CDW had exemptions and to cover tires, windshield, paint, etc so you have to get the extra gravel, sand/ash, etc insurance. Although dealing with credit card insurance will likely be more of a hassle and you would have to pay for the damage upfront.

There were alot of horror stories when I researched on almost all of the rental companies for being charged for damage not done by you. From my limited experience, I could believe it as the form I got that indicates the current damage on the car did not have most of the damage I took note of. I highly recommend inspecting the car carefully, noting the damage on the form and getting it signed and also taking many pictures incase of a dispute.

I rented at the airport, but i’m sure all the major companies will operate out of Reykjavik as well. From what I remember, the smaller agencies all operated out of Reykjavik and would pick you up from the airport. Any reason you aren’t getting from the airport?

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