May 19 2017

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Purchase a Rental Application

What is a Rental Application

A Rental Application clearly defines the criteria required of a tenant by a landlord, as well as supplying the tenants references and standard information.

When do you need a Rental Application

When putting your rental property (apartment for rent, house for rent, room for rent, etc.), a Rental Application completed by all potential tenants will streamline the renting process.

What is included in our Rental Application

The rental application briefly explains to the tenant the lease duration and deposit necessary for renting the apartment, house, room, etc. The rental application requires the potential tenant to provide their employment informatoin as well as their personal and credit reference. It also discloses informatoin on the presence lead based paint in the rental apartment, rental house or rental room, etc.

Recommendations for Rental Application

We recommend that all potential tenants complete a Rental Application. We recommend that both the tenant and the landlord sign the Rental Application and that the tenant and landlord both keep a copy of the Rental Application for reference.

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