Sep 10 2017

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This site was created to celebrate games, consoles and “All Things Video Game Related”. We offer insight, current news, game reviews and trends on this site, through articles and posts to our video game blog.

Specifically, we talk a lot about renting video games. because I believe that is the best way to play, sample and test the seemingly endless choices of video games in today’s market. Aren’t you tired of spending $60 $90 on a video game, finishing it in two weeks or worse, not liking it at all? Why do video games have to be so expensive?

Renting games from ROCKS! There are 1,000’s of Games to choose from, games get delivered right to your door and there are NEVER any late fees:

Enjoy the convenience of renting games by mail :

  • Over 7,000 Titles to Choose From
  • Games Delivered Right to Your Door
  • Keep Games as LONG as You Want
  • Newest Games
  • Fast Delivery
  • All Major Consoles Supported
  • Never Pay For Shipping
  • No Late Fees – EVER!
  • Classic Games
  • Cancel Anytime

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