Oct 3 2016

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Rent Textbooks

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Awesome experience. Cheap price and my text books shipped super quickly. Will definitely buy and rent again from this website.” – Sam

Why Rent Textbooks?

Save money this semester by renting textbooks from TextbookRush. Why rent? You’ll have more money in your pocket by the end of the semester! Textbook rental is a great solution for when you’re short on cash or enrolled in one-and-done classes. Why buy a textbook that you plan on using for just a few months, when you can save money and rent with us? And don’t worry, If you need more time, we will gladly extend your rental agreement.

We think buying textbooks should be easy. Simply enter your title, author, or ISBN, and we will show you the lowest new and used prices

Save Money and Rent Textbooks Online

Need an expensive textbook for an upcoming class and wish you didn’t have to spend big bucks to get it? We’ve got good news for you: you don’t. Just like you wouldn’t want to buy a brand-new DVD to only watch it once, you don’t have to buy a brand-new textbook just to use it for a few months. Consider renting that book instead and only use it for as long as you need it. At TextbookRush, we make it possible to rent almost any of our textbooks, saving you 90 percent of the costs in the process. Shipping is free on all orders over $35, and return shipping costs you nothing — so when you’re done with your class and ready to return the book, just use one of our free return labels to send it back in the same environmentally friendly box it came in. What’s more, you always have the option to extend your book rental or upgrade it to a purchase if you decide you like the book enough to keep it. What do you have to lose? Save money and rent your textbooks from TextbookRush today.

Benefits of Renting Textbooks

When looking at your required reading for an upcoming semester, the shopping list can be daunting — but if you rent instead of buy some of those textbooks, you can dramatically cut your costs and still have everything you need. Here are some of the biggest benefits that come from renting books online from us:

  • Huge selection (almost every book at TextbookRush is rentable)
  • Rates up to 90 percent lower than purchase prices
  • Free, eco-friendly shipping on all orders over $35
  • Free return shipping labels (Bonus: you can use our green boxes)
  • Environmentally friendly shipping boxes
  • Flexibility to upgrade to a purchase later
  • Flexibility to extend rental

What You Need to Know about Renting Books from TextbookRush

The book rental process is fairly simple: First, search for your book by author, title or ISBN using our handy search bar. Then, click on the title and, if it’s available to rent, you’ll see an orange “Rent It” option to the right of the book description. Note the cost savings of renting versus buying the book and click the “Rent It” option. Then, select the “RENT IT NOW” button below and follow the prompts to check out. Shipping is free if your total order tops $35 and return shipping is easy and free with our green shipping boxes. Your due date will be specified on the screen — simply mail back your book a week before that date in the same box it came in and you’re all set. Getting your return label is fast and easy online through the orange “return rentals” button at the top of our home page.

Our Flexible Rental Agreement

A lot of the most costly books you’ll need for school are books you won’t use again when their classes end — so why not rent them for the few months you need them and then move on? Thanks to the flexible rental agreement we provide at TextBookRush, you can always extend your rental time if you need a book longer than you’d thought. You’re also free to upgrade to a purchase if you decide you want to keep it after all.

Contact us today to learn more, or start searching for the books you need to rent right away.


ISBN is a unique number specific to a particular title and edition of a book and the best way to identify your book. You can find the ISBN on the back cover of your book.

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