Aug 8 2017

Rent house or flat in Singapore, Accommodation in Singapore #homes #for #lease

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Rent house or flat in Singapore

For your offers and searches for accommodations, but also for exchange of conversation and other ads, EasyExpat provides a classified ad section.

Land is at a premium in Singapore, and houses are very expensive to rent. Apartments tend to be spacious, though, and there are many different types and price ranges, from the vast numbers of condos (condominiums) with facilities such as gym, swimming pool and tennis court, to the more down-to earth (if a high-rise can be called that) government-built HDB flats.

Rent is usually payable a month in advance, with a deposit of 2 – 3 months rent required to secure your accommodation.

Most accommodation comes equipped with an air-conditioner, stove, washing-machine, dishwasher, fridge/freezer and curtains. You can also find accommodation partially or completely furnished. You will find that in a lot of cases the house/apartment comes with an extra room for a maid, although these days they may include this in the number of rooms advertised.

Below are links for properties to rent:

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