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Rent a Car Dubai

If you are looking for to rent car dubai, you are at the right place. offers you the best variety of car rental choices to choose from, which gets you upto 60% savings on your car rental cost in Dubai when compared with the rest of the car rental suppliers in Dubai. If you wanted a luxury car rental dubai or budget car rental dubai, search and find rental cars online from us that suits your needs.

How to Rent a Car in Dubai

Car Rentals in Dubai International Airport would be time-consuming, as the there are thousands of visitors in Dubai. you need to stand in the queue to hire a vehicle from any of the rent a car companies at the airport. To have a hassle-free trip, you can pre-book your car rentals at cheap rates by comparing prices in Travelauto which serves customers with reliable car rental service providers from UAE to hire their cheap car rental in Dubai .

Travelauto has major international car rental providers for Dubai, who offer reliable and quality car hire vehicles ranging from mini, economy, SUV, 4X4 to luxury car rentals at affordable discounted rates. For the best prices and a great car hire in Dubai don t forget to compare the car hire prices online from the list of car rental supplier available in UAE.

To avail your rental car in dubai, you need to provide the photocopy of valid international driving license, Passport Visa Page Copy and should possess a valid credit card. However few car rental service providers who accept cash payments as well, but still a Credit Card is required, and you may to inform prior not to charge the credit card stating you would pay by cash. The pre-auth for credit card is taken by the car rental dubai by filling the form above.

Visa Requirements Dubai

Tourist visa allows the holder to stay in Dubai for 30 days; the same can be extended to another 30 days. It requires tour operators and hotels sponsorship, or that of airlines, friends and relatives, organizations, etc. who are responsible for bringing in tourists to the city. You need to have at least three months valid passport from the date of arrival in the city as a tourist. Once you are there, all you need to do is rent a car Dubai, and you are good to go.

If you are in a Residence Visa in Dubai, then you may need to get a local driving license to rent a car in Dubai.

Driving License Requirements

If you want to rent a car Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you will need to have an international driving license from your own country, without which you cannot get the right to rent a car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. These car rental rules is applicable in entire UAE.

With this license, you can not just travel in Dubai and Abu Dhabi but also across borders, provided the car rental company allows / give approval for you to take the rental car outside the UAE, to other neighbouring countries like Oman or Saudi Arabia.

The other Dubai car rental requirements include:

  • Drivers will need to produce their original passports for identification.
  • He or she must hold a valid national driving license for at least a year.
  • Drivers on transit visa or visit visa need to produce original national and international license.
  • People visiting from Japan; Korea, Greece and Turkey should have a translation of their license that has been approved by the Embassy or Council.
  • If a driver has GCC passport, then GCC national licenses can be acceptable. The various GCC countries are U.A.E, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman.
  • The driver needs to have a major credit card in his or her name, which needs to be produced at time of rental, along with the original passport. A copy of the credit card will be taken at the beginning of the rental in order to include rental and other charges like fuel, damage, traffic fines, rental extensions, salik, etc.
  • Rentals are subject to certain terms and conditions that need to be duly signed by the person renting a vehicle.

Car Rental Insurance

Having a travel insurance is a great idea when you are a frequent traveler. It offers medical cover, luggage and flight delay and cancellations.

The terms of insurance cover are as follows:

  • The cover is applicable in the United Arab Emirates only.
  • Vehicles meant to be rented are fully covered in keeping with the laws of UAE. Nonetheless, a police report is needed in case of damage or accident involving the vehicle rented. In case the renter fails to produce a police report, all the charges have to be borne by him, irrespective of the CDW being taken. Until and unless the police report is produced, no vehicle replacement shall be provided, and the charges shall continue.
  • In case the CDW is not taken, the renter has to pay extra liability in case any damage or accident takes place.
  • If the police is not notified in case of vehicle theft, the cover shall stand void.

Hire Car Payment Methods

Like in any other country, you can pay the car rentals both offline and online. Offline you can pay in cash, international credit and debit cards. Online you can pay via bank account, payment gateway and processor.

Dubai Road-side Assistance

Dubai is flooded with quality roadside assistance companies. Besides, cheap car rentals to provide you with the same services. So, you need not worry about a car break down when car hire Dubai.

While picking up the rental car in Dubai, don t forget to ask your car rental supplier, the phone number of the Road-Side Assistance. Most of the car rental companies in Dubai, have a tie-up with Road-side Emergency Service, who would be contacted in case there is a necessacity.

Accident Claims

If you are in Dubai and god forbid, you meet with an accident, in which your health or the car you are in gets affected; you can be covered if you have an Accident insurance. This is the reason, the PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is important.

Visiting Places with a Cheap Rental Car in Dubai

Want to travel in Dubai to visit most attractions? Then it s recommended to rent a car in Dubai. Exploring the city of Dubai with Budget Car Rental would be a great idea, cost-effective and convenient way for its well-developed road infrastructure. The United Arab Emirates is rich for its cultural heritage, and still followed by the Emiratis (the citizen of UAE) during special occasions.

A couple of hours drive from Dubai, you can reach to Abu Dhabi, which has also got its charm for beautiful palaces, Muslim art and architecture. If you wish to not to make a round-trip then you can rent a car in Dubai and drop it off in Abu Dhabi, if the car rental suppliers have a branch there, generally termed as One Way Car Rental .

There are lot of attractions that keeps you busy in Dubai. So a cheap car hire in Dubai, UAE would help you quickly visit places as well as explore the wider region.

A cheap car rental in Dubai, UAE is easy to book when you use Travelauto to compare the prices of the leading international car hire companies.

Places of Interest in Dubai, UAE:

Burj Khalifa: This is the world s tallest tower and a masterpiece of engineering, the story of which can be seen on a trip to At The Top , the world s highest viewing platform.

Palm Jumeirah: This real-estate development can be seen from the space and is often heralded as the 8th wonder of the world. It features hotels, beaches, restaurants, marinas, apartments, etc.

Burj Al Arab: With a height of 321 m, this is the fourth-tallest and one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. It is recognized as the emblem of Dubai and one of the most photographed monuments in the world.

Ski Dubai: A part of the Mall of Emirates, Ski Dubai, is an indoor ski resort covering an area of 22, 500 sq meters. It has 5 runs that vary in levels of difficulty, gradient and height.

Dubai Mall: It is one of the largest shopping malls in the world, with 1200 retail outlets, 160 food outlets and 2 anchor department stores.

Climate in Dubai:

The city primarily has an arid climate. The summers are humid with the maximum rising up to 42 degrees and a minimum going down to 28 degrees. The winters are dry and pleasant, with the maximum rising up to 25 degrees and minimum going down to 10 degrees.

Important Phone Numbers – Dubai, UAE:

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