Sep 23 2017

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Use this site to reverse your consent with telemarketers and other businesses who have a legal right to contact you! Enter your number in the field below and we will remove your number from the lists of anyone who legally has your number.

This site was set up to help consumers and businesses remove phone numbers from various telemarketing efforts and to request “no contact” by businesses who have a legal right to contact you by claiming an existing business relationship. Many consumers have chosen to register their phone number(s) with the National Do Not Call Registry ( ). Such registration will prevent unsolicited phone calls; however, savvy marketers have found a loophole in the existing laws by using data (consumer and business information, including phone numbers) using co-registration data.

Deep within the privacy policies for many consumer and business loyalty programs lie legal verbiage to allow that company/contest/website/service provider, etc. to “share” your personal information with “any affiliated company”. Companies pay a fee to an aggregator to become a “co-registered” affiliate, thereby gaining access to your information!

Please read our articles and other information to keep your personal information safe. Marketers are becoming increasingly savvy finding creative ways to legally call, mail, email, fax and even SMS (Short Message Service – aka cellular text messages) you and your family every day. Become educated and use this site and it’s sister sites to protect your valuable information and privacy.

This site is working but under development. We have added a new page: State Statutes on Telemarketing Laws

Special Note: Due to threats and improper placement of anger towards the creators of this useful site, we are limiting this site and it’s ability to remove phone numbers. We ourselves have been victims of not reading the “fine print” in privacy policies, terms of service (TOS) and transactions we have entered into, this site was created with noble intentions to assist our fellow consumers in removing their phone number from marketing lists. We have created a compliance company with the purposes of encouraging marketers large and small to follow the law and not hide behind fake phone numbers and dead air numbers and actually send out REAL phone numbers and follow through with removal requests.

Together we can make a difference work with us to make certain the marketers are compliant do not work against us, as we attempt to create a business model based on compliance!

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